Does Green Coffee Make You Weak? What is the benefit?

Green Coffee

Green coffee bean, which has come to the forefront with its high antioxidant properties in recent years, has been added to the slimming trends, which are being added every day. Green coffee, which is the unroasted, i.e. raw form of classical normal coffee beans, has both a different color and different properties due to the fact that the bean is not processed. In addition, the preparation and consumption of green coffee, which differs from normal coffee in terms of taste, is also different.

It can be drunk in the form of green coffee tea , as well as consumed as green coffee bean oil and green coffee capsules. Green coffee oil and capsules contain high concentrations of antioxidant flavone substances. Especially those who do not like the consumption of green coffee as tea can benefit from these products.

Green coffee, which is the favorite of those who want to lose weight because it accelerates metabolism, is imported from Brazil in raw form. Since its raw material is imported, it is important to purchase it from reliable centers.

One of the first questions that come to mind about GREEN COFFEE is where to find green coffee. In the old days, green coffee was usually brought from abroad and was very difficult to find in Turkey. However, the increase in demand for green coffee caused companies to start green coffee production.

Raw green coffee imported from abroad can be purchased from herbalists, markets selling organic products, medicinal product aisles of large shopping malls, and companies that sell organic food over the internet.

Green coffee, which is frequently used by athletes, because it has a stimulating effect, contributes to longer training sessions. Green coffee, supported by regular activity along with adequate and balanced nutrition, facilitates weight loss. The antioxidants in its content ensure the removal of toxic substances from the body and at the same time eliminate edema.

What is Green Coffee?

Brazil is the homeland of green coffee, which belongs to the genus Coffea, a plant of the madder family, which grows up to five meters in lengthWhat makes the coffee variety, which has a green color because it is not roasted, special is the chlorogenic acid in its contentChlorogenic acid is a compound with high antioxidant properties. It is this substance that provides the weakening effect of green coffee.

Green coffee is slightly more expensive than regular coffee in terms of price. Since it is not roasted, it cannot be stored as long as regular coffee. Shelf life is slightly shorter. Since green coffee bean prices are an imported product, they are affected by currency increases. In addition, the brand of the product is another factor that affects the price. In general, the prices of 1 kilogram of green coffee vary between 25 liras and 140 liras.

Making Green Coffee

The preparation of green coffee is similar to the preparation of Turkish coffee. Green coffee beans must be ground to be consumed as coffee. After the ground green coffee beans are ground into powder, they are ready for coffee making. For 1 cup of green coffee, a teaspoon of green coffee and 1 cup of water are put in the coffee pot. Just like Turkish coffee, boiled green coffee is poured into a cup and drunk.

The taste of green coffee is not very similar to the taste of regular coffee. Green coffee, which has a flavor more like herbal tea, has a unique aroma. The green coffee powder can also be brewed as a tea.

10 grams of green coffee bean powder is enough for 1 cup of green coffee tea . Green coffee bean powder is put into the teapot. A glass of boiled water is added to it and it is allowed to infuse for about 10 minutes. After brewing, it can be consumed by adding lemon or sugar to it.

In addition, green coffee and ginger can be used together to prepare tea. In this way, the health benefits become more effective.

How to Drink Green Coffee?

Green coffee can be consumed as tea, as coffee or mixed with some foods. It is sufficient to consume one or two cups of green coffee a day. Consuming more green coffee can cause health problems. So, when to drink green coffee? Caffeine has a stimulating effect. Drinking green coffee in the evening or at night can cause sleep problems.

Therefore, it is more appropriate to consume green coffee in the first hours of the morning or in the afternoon . Another question about drinking green coffee is whether to drink green coffee hot. Drinking green coffee hot or cold is a purely personal preference. It depends on one’s taste. However, since it has the feature of herbal tea, it is generally preferred to be drunk hot.

So, how to drink green coffee, is it hungry or full? Green coffee has an appetite suppressant effect when consumed on an empty stomach. Therefore, it is recommended that those who want to lose weight consume green coffee on an empty stomach before breakfast and lunch. Green coffee and yogurt can basically be consumed together. But in terms of flavor, it’s a bad idea.

What Are the Benefits of Green Coffee?

  • It increases calorie burning by accelerating metabolism and supports weight loss.
  • With its high antioxidant content, it increases the body’s immune system and supports the body’s resistance against diseases. Antioxidants protect the body against free radicals and prevent skin aging.
  • By increasing the energy level of the body, it prevents fatigue and fatigue that may occur during the day.
  • It keeps blood pressure under control by balancing blood pressure.
  • Green coffee prevents the formation of diabetes.
  • It keeps the blood cholesterol level in balance.
  • It has a preventive effect on cardiovascular diseases.
  • Green coffee, which has a stimulating effect on the brain and nervous system, can also be counted among the benefits of increasing concentration.

Does Green Coffee Make You Weak?

Weight loss is possible with green coffee. Since green coffee is not roasted, the melanoidin in its content, which has antioxidant properties, has a metabolism-accelerating effect. Speeding up metabolism means increasing calorie burn.

Weight loss accelerates as calories are burned. Green coffee, which also provides the elimination of toxic substances from the body, accelerates the burning of fats. Toxins are nested around fat cells. In such a case, the toxin wall must first be destroyed in order for the oils to be destroyed. Regular consumption of green coffee carries out the elimination of toxic substances, thus making it easier to access fats.

Of course, the weakening effect of green coffee cannot be ignored. However, this effect varies from person to person. Those who want to lose weight can see the effects of green coffee more clearly when they eat adequate and balanced diet and exercise regularly.

So, how does green coffee weaken? When green coffee is drunk on an empty stomach, its slimming effect is higher. Green coffee, which has a high appetite suppressant effect, is very effective when consumed in the form of tea half an hour before meals.

What Are the Harms of Green Coffee?

Consuming 2 cups of green coffee a day does not cause any harmful effects. However, as with all foods, green coffee can cause irritability, anxiety, anxiety, headache, increased heart rhythm, vomiting, nausea and restlessness when consumed more than recommended.

Excessive consumption of green coffee causes excessive urine excretion. In this case, it causes increased blood pressure, increased stomach acid, and ringing in the earsThe side effects of green coffee are felt more intensely by patients with high blood pressure, diabetes, reflux and ulcer patients, osteoporosis, irritable bowel syndrome patients, depressed people, insomnia and anxiety disorders.

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