Do Fresh, Dried Dates Make You Gain Weight?

Does Eating Dates Cause Weight Gain

Does Eating Dates Cause Weight Gain? The date is one of the foods rich in high fiber, iron, potassium and calcium. It is known for its numerous benefits to the human body. It is among the most consumed foods in terms of taste. One of the most important benefits of dates; It is good for intestinal problems. In addition, it has a preventive effect on many diseases. It makes you feel energetic when consumed regularly.

It has a relaxing effect on the body and besides it beautifies the skin. Dates should be consumed in a balanced and regular manner throughout the day. Especially during Ramadan, it must be consumed in order to give resistance to the body. Thanks to its vitamin B1 and B2 content, it improves brain functions.

It is also a matter of curiosity whether this nutrient, which does not end with counting benefits, causes weight gain. Especially people who are on a diet are wondering if dates make you gain weight or if eating dates at night makes you gain weight. We have compiled the answers to the questions of whether fresh dates make you gain weight and dry dates make you gain weight. Here are the details about the date…

Does Date Make You Gain Weight?

  • Natural sugar source dates, if you adjust the daily dosage well, will not gain weight in any way.
  • Dates contain dietary fiber content. In other words, it makes you feel full for a long time as it delays the digestion process.
  • Eating just a few dates a day prevents weight gain problems. Dates are also rich in essential fatty acids that aid weight loss.
  • In addition, you should not adjust the date to your daily calorie needs. You should definitely consult a nutritionist for the amount while consuming.
  • There is an average of 314 kcal calories in 100 grams of dates. It is very beneficial for your health to choose dates for a healthy food, especially in the evening snacks.
  • According to researches; Consuming dates about an hour before morning, lunch and dinner helps you to close your appetite.
  • Dates are also packed with various vitamins and minerals such as selenium and magnesium. For this reason, it protects you from eating unnecessarily and always keeps you full.

Does Persimmon Make You Gain Weight?

  • Many people wonder if persimmon makes you gain weight. Fresh dates, known as persimmons, are among the foods rich in fiber.
  • Fibrous foods accelerate metabolism and help you lose weight due to their intestinal-stimulating properties.
  • It is among the foods that you can easily add to your diet list. It contains almost as much vitamin C as an orange.
  • In vitamin C deficiency, excess body fat accumulates in the waist. Especially if you want your waist to be thin, you need to consume fresh dates frequently.
  • According to a study, consuming fresh dates lowers blood fats. One piece of persimmon is 57 calories.
  • Consuming fresh dates according to your daily calorie needs will not cause you to gain weight in any way. However, it would be beneficial to add it to your diet list by consulting a nutritionist.

Does Eating Dates During Pregnancy Make Baby Gain Weight?

  • The answer to the question of whether eating dates during pregnancy will make the baby gain weight is one of the other questions that are curious.
  • Eating fresh or dried dates during pregnancy ensures a healthy diet for the baby.
  • Consuming natural and healing dates instead of artificial products by nutritionists is extremely healthy for both you and your baby.
  • The vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates contained in the date meet the needs of both the baby and the mother.
  • Doctors also recommend giving foods containing fruit sugar to the mother on the day the mother gives birth.
  • Date gives vitality to the weakened body of the mother with its energizing content. In addition, it balances the milk rate in the mother.
  • When consumed after birth, it has an effect on increasing the mother’s milk. The reason why dates are so nutritious is due to the proper mineral balance they contain.
  • On the other hand, nausea and physical reactions during pregnancy are warning signs of potassium deficiency.
  • Since dates are a source of potassium, consuming them helps to prevent such problems.
  • Dates are good for many diseases in many ways. However, it will still be beneficial to consume it in consultation with your doctor.

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