Carob Molasses: How Is Carob Molasses Made?

Carob Molasses

The carob tree, which is a plant unique to the Mediterranean climate, and the carob fruit, which is known by the same name and, as the name suggests, resembles a carob, are among the healing resources that nature has offered to human beings for thousands of years. Mankind, who thinks about what can be done from carob, has learned to benefit from carob in many ways, from flour to syrup, from paste to molasses. Among the products produced from carob, the most well-known is carob molasses. We have prepared an article where you can find everything you wonder about carob molasses, which is very long and difficult to make.

If you knew the story of the carob molasses that you bought from any herbalist or market and brought home and consumed with pleasure, it would not eat it in one go; You begged him to tell his story. Carob molasses is actually the product of great patience. Even the carob itself requires patience like the prophet before it becomes molasses. Because if you plant a carob tree, you have to wait at least 15 years for it to bear fruit. That’s why the carob fruit grows after a long wait. As a result of boiling the ripe carobs with great effort and patience, carob molasses is formed. But this job is of course not as easy as it is said or written at once. Every step requires great care and attention. If you try to make carob molasses over high heat, just to get it right away, You would be a waste of both your labor and the carob. Because all the beneficial vitamins and minerals of carobs boiled in high fire will be destroyed, which will cause all your effort to go to waste. The benefits of carob molasses, which are boiled at low heat and sufficiently, are innumerable.

Nutritional Value and Calorie Amount of Carob Molasses

Carob is very effective against osteoporosis due to its nutritional values and the amount of calcium it contains. Carob molasses contains three times more calcium than milk, which is known by everyone as the most important source of calcium. In addition, carob molasses, which is very rich in potassium, sodium and phosphorus minerals, prevent the formation of lung cancer by 90 percent. Carob molasses, which is very generous in terms of vitamins as well as minerals, is also very generous in terms of vitamins A, B, B2, B6, D and E. Thanks to these vitamins, carob molasses is a source of healing in many issues from cough, sputum, sperm quality to sexual power. Calorie value of carob is 222 kcal per 100gr.

For those who are wondering how to make carob molasses, or carob molasses as it is used in Anatolia, we researched the production of these medicinal molasses.

How Is Carob Molasses Made?

Most of the carob molasses bought from herbalists or markets include the expression that they are produced by cold pressing method. That’s why we have bad news for those who are wondering how to make cold-pressed carob molasses. Because it is not possible to obtain carob molasses by cold pressing method. This is just a method that emerged as a marketing strategy. In order to obtain a product by cold pressing, the oil ratio of that product must be very high, whereas the oil ratio in carob is negligible. For this reason, it is not possible to obtain molasses from carob by cold pressing method.

Well, then how is carob molasses made? As we mentioned at the beginning, making carob molasses consists of many stages. The first of these stages is to hammer carobs and so on. crushing with a tool. In the second stage, the crushed carobs are taken into a container or a cauldron depending on the amount and filled with water until it reaches the top. We have said that making carob molasses requires patience, but the first patience to be shown takes place at this stage. Because carobs, on which water is drawn, will be kept in water for a day or two. At the end of these one or two days, when the third stage is reached, the soaked carobs are placed in a cheesecloth and squeezed vigorously to separate the juice and pulp from each other. This is the method called cold pressing method; however, at this stage, since the carob is not ready to be eaten with molasses, this is only the stage of making molasses, it is not a method.

The other stage of carob molasses that requires patience and care is this stage. Because this water, which is obtained by squeezing the soaked carobs, should be boiled for about seven or eight hours by keeping the fire under constant control and stirring. When the fire is not controlled, the high fire will cause the carob to lose its properties, and if not mixed, it will cause the bottom of the cauldron to stick, so all your efforts will be wasted. After mixing for seven to eight hours, the carob molasses obtained is left to cool. After cooling, it is bottled in jars or suitable storage containers. Thus, for those who are wondering how to make carob molasses at home, we have given a detailed description of carob molasses.

What Are the Benefits of Carob Molasses?

  • With vitamin E in its content, it is very beneficial against conditions such as osteoporosis, flu, cough, shortness of breath, chest softening, sputum removal, and smoking.
  • With its low cellulose ratio, it is good for gastritis and intestinal diseases.
  • Depending on the digestive system, it helps to get rid of pests known as intestinal parasites, worms, tapeworms, intestinal worms from the body.
  • Carob is very rich in nutritional value. It contains vitamins A, B, B2, B3 and D.
  • It is known to provide healing for lung and liver, blood pressure diseases with potassium and sodium minerals.
  • By minimizing the effects of skin aging, it also gives shine to the skin.
  • It has the feature of increasing sperm count in men and egg count in women.

How to Consume Carob Molasses?

Among the most frequently asked questions about carob molasses is the question of how to consume carob molasses.

Those who wonder how to use carob molasses have done research on the subject from many sources. Professor İbrahim Saraçoğlu, who is an expert on medicinal plants, gives important tips in response to the question of how to use carob molasses in his books on medicinal plants on this curious subject. There are different consumption methods for those who cannot consume carob molasses alone, which is recommended to be consumed by one or two teaspoons, especially on an empty stomach, in the morning and evening. Since carob molasses was used as a sweetener before the use of white sugar became widespread, it can be guessed that this molasses has many different ways of consumption.

The use of molasses made for  Ibrahim Saracoglu, taking into warm milk or warm water can also be used carob syrup gives the answer. You can answer the question of how to drink carob molasses by adding a teaspoon of carob molasses to your tea as a sweetener instead of sugar.

Those who wonder how to eat carob molasses can satisfy their curiosity by trying their cakes and desserts with carob molasses. Carob molasses can be spread on the bread instead of jams made using white sugar, which is not very healthy. As you can see, there are many different consumption methods that can be given to the question of how to use carob molasses. Whatever method is used, it will be a source of healing for everyone who consumes carob molasses. However, as with every food, one should not go overboard with the consumption of carob molasses.

How to Store Carob Molasses?

How and where to store the molasses obtained after the above method given to the question of how to make sugar-free carob molasses is also of great importance. Because carob molasses, which is not stored in the right conditions, will spoil quickly.

The boiled molasses can be stored for a long time if they are bottled after cooling and if the mouths are tightly closed to prevent air leakage. There is no obligation to keep the molasses tightly closed in the refrigerator. If carob molasses is not stored in the refrigerator, it can be preserved for a long time in a cool, dry and sunlight-free environment.

However, care should be taken that this period does not exceed 5-6 months. This nutrient, which is very beneficial for health, will be consumed in a short time when used every day. The possibility of deterioration of the ph balance of molasses that has passed for more than 6 months and the minerals and vitamins in its content may also deteriorate. Consumption of molasses that has been waiting for more than 6 months is not recommended as it will do more harm than good.

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