Can You Get Waxed While Fasting?

Can You Get Waxed While Fasting

Does waxing break the fast?

With the arrival of Ramadan, people who will fast began to wonder what they can and cannot do while fasting. Therefore, the answer to the question of whether regular, clean and hygienic people can wax while fasting is wondered. Can you get waxed while fasting? Religious Affairs clarified this issue.

It is necessary to always pay attention to waxing, or rather to personal hygiene. However, those who do not want to break their fast during certain delicate periods such as fasting are looking for an answer to the question of whether they can get waxed by a hairdresser while fasting . As a result of the answers of the Presidency of Religious Affairs, we have compiled for you whether you can wax while fasting. Now, let’s examine in detail whether you can wax while fasting…

Can You Get Waxing or Epilation While Fasting?

There are certain conditions for waxing while fasting. There is no harm in waxing for men or women if their private parts are not visible. However, getting waxed in a way that exposes your private parts breaks the fast.

Cleaning the hair and feathers of any part of oneself does not break the fast. However, having someone else do this process affects the process.

Let’s take a look at the detailed explanation of Religious Affairs on this subject:

Religious Affairs High Committee

Removing body hair by any means while fasting does not break the fast. Fasting is usually broken by eating and drinking. Waxing to clean any part of yourself does not break the fast.

Plucking or having hair removed is not among the situations that break the fast. However, according to the Presidency of Religious Affairs, a woman’s private parts towards men are her entire body, except for her hands, feet and face. The private part of a woman towards a woman is between her kneecap and her navel. It is not permissible to show these places to women or men without necessity and necessity.

Therefore, it is not halal for a person who will have waxing to expose his private parts to a woman or a man. It is not halal for the person performing the waxing procedure to look at the private parts. In fact, it should not be touched. In this case, the answer to the question of whether to wax the bikini area while fasting is no.

Can You Wear Makeup While Fasting?

Your fast is not broken when you apply make-up. Make-up materials are not food products and cannot be taken orally. When applying lipstick, care should be taken to ensure that it does not contain any fruit or food essence (strawberry, cherry, vanilla, coconut, cocoa, etc.). Your fast will not be broken by the dye you apply to your hair.

Can you brush your teeth while fasting?

Your fast will not be broken as long as you do not let water down your throat while brushing your teeth. However, if toothpaste or water gets into your throat, your fast is broken. To avoid these situations, it is recommended to brush your teeth before dawn and after iftar. If you do not take good oral care at sahur, odor may occur in your mouth. If you experience bad breath problems while fasting, it is beneficial to use a mouth care spray.

Can You Take a Shower While Fasting?

There is no harm in taking a shower while fasting. However, you should not get water into your mouth, nose and ear while taking a shower. In other words, a person who performs ablution while fasting should be careful when giving water to the mouth and nose. While a person is fasting, there is no harm in taking a shower or swimming in the pool or sea. According to the Presidency of Religious Affairs; Cleaning your hair, beard and nails does not break the fast in any way.

Does Getting Vaccinated or Injected Break the Fast?

Injections, serum and vaccines that do not have nutritional value do not break the fast. If you have a disease that continues to be treated while fasting, it is recommended that you continue your fasts when you recover. However, if you do not want to miss the fast, it would be appropriate to have the injections after iftar or before imsak.

Taking food and vitamin injections while fasting will break the fast of those who receive oral vaccinations.

Insulin injection used by diabetic patients does not break the fast. Diabetics may not fast if fasting harms their health. These people pay ransom for the number of days they do not fast.

Do Ear, Nose and Eye Drops Break the Fast?

There is a canal between the ear and throat; But if the eardrum blocks this channel, the medicine does not reach the throat. For this reason, your fast will not be broken. Nasal drops are absorbed by the nasal walls. This is not enough to break the fast. The amount of medicine dropped into the eye is large. However, since it does not reach the stomach, it does not break the fast.

Is Waxing a Sin during Ramadan? Does waxing during Ramadan break the fast?

Can you wax while fasting? This is a question answered by the Diyanet. Waxing to clean any part of yourself does not break the fast and is not a sin. The answer to the question of whether it is makruh to pluck hair while fasting is similarly no.

Does Body Cleansing Break the Fast?

Cleaning the body does not break the fast if it is done within the framework of the rules of the fast. You can cleanse your body by yourself, when you are alone.

Does waxing the private area break the fast?

You can wax your private area yourself and your fast will not be broken. However, since it is a private area, a private part, having someone else wax or wax this area invalidates the fast.

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