Delicious Tips for Cooking Back of Lamb

Delicious Tips for Cooking Back of Lamb

Lamb’s back is bony meat extracted from the back of small cattle. The cutlet part is separated from the completely removed back meat, and the remaining part takes its place in the butchers as back meat. The back is soft meat as it is the least moving part of the small cattle. Therefore, it can be said that it is one of the most delicious places for lamb.

Any dish made from lamb can be made using lamb’s back meat. Lamb back can be cooked in the oven or in a pan. It can be boiled. It even has a grill at barbecue parties. If you want to cover the lamb, lamb back meat is the ideal part.

Unfortunately, it is not always easy to prepare lamb meat that cheers the palate and melts like Turkish delight in the mouth. It requires knowledge, experience and skill. But don’t worry! If there is a lamb dish on your menu, you can prepare a table that will make the chefs jealous by paying attention to the tricks we will list now.

What is the Back of Lamb?

  • It can be easily guessed where the back of the lamb is.
  • The lamb’s back is removed from the part of the small cattle between the breast and tailbone.
  • The part between the forearms and hind legs of sheep and lambs, that is, small cattle, is called the breast.
  • The part closest to the tail is the coccyx. The part between these two parts is called the ridge.
  • The back part is usually removed as a whole and the chop part is separated.
  • After the chop is separated, the remaining part is used as back meat.
  • The ribs and spine bones are also included in the section we call the lamb’s back. Therefore, it is possible to say that the back of a lamb is a bony piece.

How to Cook the Most Delicious Lamb Back? 4 Tips

It is quite difficult for some to cook lamb meat; requires knowledge and experience. Eating lamb meat cooked by skilled hands, so to speak, like Turkish delight, is something else.

We have compiled the tricks of this job for those who are wondering how to cook lamb back. Here are the points you need to pay attention to for a finger-biting lamb dish:

1) Young Lamb Meat

  • The most important problem in lamb meat is the smell. The meat of small cattle has a distinctive smell. Some people even avoid eating lamb because of this smell.
  • The meat of younger lambs should be preferred to reduce the odor in lamb meat. Because as small cattle get older, the fatty acids in their bodies increase. This causes the odor to increase.
  • If the meat obtained from the young lamb is properly marinated and then cooked, this reduces the smell of the meat and ensures that it is cooked like Turkish delight.

2) Rested and Unlimited Meat

  • Lamb back meat taken from the butcher should be unnerved and rested. Before you buy, you can tell your butcher to separate the raw portion of the meat and let it rest for at least one night.
  • If you wish, you can also get the back of lamb from steakhouses. In steakhouses, meat is usually properly rested.

3) Marination

  • The most important secret of lamb meat that melts like Turkish delight in the mouth is to marinate it properly.
  • Meat that is not marinated and rested is usually tough.
  • You can easily marinate meat with onions, garlic, olive oil, and thyme.

4) Sealing

  • By sealing the lamb meat quickly, you can keep the meat juices in it.
  • This will increase the flavor of the meat.

Lamb Back How Much?

  • You can easily obtain the back of lamb from butchers and butcher aisles of supermarkets.
  • Sliced, ready-to-cook, 500 gram back of lamb price ranges between 40 and 70 TL.

What Meals Can Be Made With Back of Lamb?

  • You can make delicious soups as a starter next to the lamb’s back, such as Turkish delight. For example, a steaming lentil soup or an Ezo Gelin soup that will warm you up can be a good choice.
  • If you like it, you can also try tarhana soup, which is one of the most nutritious soups of the winter season.
  • If you have decided on your soup, you can serve the dish that you will make from the back of lamb with bulgur pilaf or rice pilaf.
  • If you are preparing an invitation table, you can choose your choice for garnished rice pilaf, tavern pilaf or palace pilaf with eggplant.

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