What is coconut aminos and what do you use it for?

What is coconut aminos
What is coconut aminos

The question is easy to answer: coconut aminos is a sauce that can replace soy sauce. Coconut aminos is made from the coconut flour. This does not contain soy. How healthy is soy and how much better would coconut aminos be? We will explain it to you.

How healthy is soy?

In many Asian dishes, but also when making the marinade, soy sauce is used as a seasoning. It is available in a salty and sweet version, depending of course on the amount of salt and sugar that is added.

Soy sauce is made from soybeans, one of the most widely planted agricultural products in the world. Soy is also found in many foods, such as cookies, sauces, and margarine. Without realizing it, you are already consuming more soy than you think.

The food industry has used soybeans and soy sauce for thousands of years. One that is not surprising. The beans are a good source of vegetable protein while being relatively low in carbohydrates.

Soy also contains a large number of vitamins, fiber, and other good nutrients. It also contains saturated fats, so we do not recommend eating large amounts of the product. There are also less desirable substances in soy, such as phytic acid.

Fermenting is actually a must

One of the objections to soy sauce is that more and more non-fermented soy sauce is coming onto the market. Fermentation is the process in which a food product is adapted for use with the help of bacteria and yeasts. The good nutrients are retained by fermenting soy sauce. The fermentation process also breaks down a great deal of phytic acid.

Phytic acid has the side effect that nutrients in the body cannot be broken down as well. It can be considered as a plant repellent against consumption. Too much phytic acid is not good for digestion.

Because fermentation takes time, it makes soy sauce production more expensive. It is therefore more attractive for manufacturers not to ferment or to top up with non-fermented sauce.

What do you think about genetic engineering?

Given the importance of the product for export, genetic engineering is applied to soy on a large scale. Local legislation also does not require that soy products state that genetically modified soybeans have been used.

No solid scientific research has yet been conducted into the long-term effects of eating such products.

Soy and the environment

Unfortunately, we regularly hear that huge areas of rainforest in South America and Southeast Asia are being burned. The goal is to free up space for soybean plantations. This soy is mainly intended for animal feed.

The soil that is released when that beautiful nature is destroyed is not very suitable for agriculture. That is why a lot of fertilizer is needed. This eventually ends up in the sea again and disturbs the natural balance there.

The use of insecticides is also very common. Even insecticides that are banned in the EU are a shocking sight to see soybean plantations in a country like Argentina. In an area the size of a Dutch province, there is no insect anymore, and hardly any bird or other animal.

Do you want to reduce your soy consumption? Or were you already looking for an alternative seasoning? Then consider switching to coconut aminos.

What exactly is coconut aminos?

Coconut aminos are made from the juice of coconut blossom. Natural aging and the addition of sun-dried sea ​​salt gives it that spicy flavor that is suitable for many dishes.

It contains no gluten and no soy. And also fits in a plant-based diet. The sauce is full of vitamins and minerals and contains no less than 17 healthy amino acids. The name is therefore also based on that large number.

The best coconut aminos come from volcanic regions. Where the palms grow on volcanic soil. The volcanic rock contains an enormous amount of minerals.

Coconut aminos is a certified product in the EU, where no additives are allowed. Make sure the label states that the product is certified and prepared without additives.

How do you use coconut aminos?

The use of coconut aminos is very simple: you can use it as a substitute for soy sauce. Where soy sauce is in a recipe, you replace it with coconut aminos. It is a delicious seasoning in Asian dishes, marinades, sauces and dressings.

Where can you buy coconut aminos?

The product is for sale on the internet at many web stores. Because coconut aminos is a product that must ripen naturally, the color and taste can sometimes deviate.

Advantages of coconut aminos over soy sauce

  • It does not contain phytic acid
  • No genetic engineering is involved
  • No extreme use of insecticides
  • No trees need to be packed for it


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