Boiled Egg Diet: Easy and Quick Weight Loss

Boiled Egg Diet

Lose 9 Kilos in 14 Days with the Boiled Egg Diet, Mr. Bay! In order to get rid of excess weight in a healthy way, you need to take the vitamins and minerals your body needs. Losing weight by being hungry may drag you into hospital corridors instead of leading you to a healthy life. To achieve good results, it is very easy to lose weight by paying attention to nutrition.

Diet adventures with boiled eggs, which have become widespread recently, are getting positive results. You can say goodbye to excess weight with a nutrition program that can be easily preferred by those who are not allergic to eggs. Since eggs are a source of protein and recommended in diet breakfasts, you can make your summer vacation plans more clear with this diet. To have a fit body, we start the poached egg diet. Prepare paper and pencils. It’s almost time to reach the weight of your dreams by being patient.

How to Make a Boiled Egg Diet?

  • The staple of this diet is boiled eggs. Eggs contain vitamins A, B12, B2, B5 and C. Thanks to these vitamins, your muscle and bone health will also be supported. It will be the boiled egg that gives you energy and nourishes you during the diet period.
  • In this diet, which is prepared with the satiating feature of the egg, you can lose weight in a short time by staying full.
  • Eggs are said to be a high-fat food. The fats it contains are 25% monounsaturated fat, 9.4% polyunsaturated fat and 18.1% saturated fat. It contains fats that are necessary for your body and will run your metabolism.
  • This nutrition program, which includes boiled eggs and supplements at every meal, is done for 2 weeks without interruption. Then the diet is interrupted and the normal diet is resumed.
  • Those who are allergic to eggs should not do it. We will also recommend that you seek advice from your doctor before starting the diet.

Boiled Egg Diet List

If you are ready for a diet mentally and physically, here is your diet list with a 7-day boiled egg:

Day 1: Your breakfast will be low-fat milk, 2 boiled eggs, 2 oranges. At lunch; you should eat boiled skinless chicken, a small bowl of yogurt. In the evening, you should prefer 1 orange, 2 boiled eggs and chicken.

Day 2: You will start the day with 2 boiled eggs and 1 lemon juice in the morning. For your lunch, you can choose 1 grapefruit and grilled fish. You can end the day by eating 3 boiled eggs for dinner.

Day 3: Your breakfast should have 2 boiled eggs and 1 glass of lemon juice. You can spend your lunch with 1 grapefruit, boiled red meat. You can finish the last meal with 3 eggs for dinner.

Day 4: For breakfast, you can consume 3 boiled egg salad prepared with onions, dill and parsley. There will be boiled chicken dinner at lunchtime. For dinner, you should eat 2 oranges and 1 boiled egg.

Day 5: You can have breakfast with 2 boiled eggs and 2 carrots. Lunch should be freshly squeezed orange juice and 2 carrots. In the evening, the day will end with 1 boiled egg and steamed fish.

Day 6: You should have yogurt for breakfast, and orange or lemon juice should be preferred as a beverage. Your lunch menu will be 2 grapefruits and 2 boiled eggs. In the evening, you should drink a lot of water.

Day 7: Grapefruit juice and 2 eggs should be for breakfast. Lunch is 1 orange and boiled red meat. You can finish the first week with 1 glass of water at dinner.

What Are the Effects of the Boiled Egg Diet?

  • To make your weight loss healthier with the boiled egg diet only, you should not neglect to take a walk during the day. You can stay in shape even more with walking.
  • There are 77 calories in 1 medium egg. It contains 6 grams of protein and 5 grams of amino acids. It is easier to lose weight with eggs, as recommended in diet breakfasts.
  • Since you will consume boiled eggs at every meal, you will not feel hungry during the day.
  • According to the comments of those who make the boiled egg diet applied around the world; They are said to have lost almost 9 kilos in a period of 14 days.
  • The important thing is to drink plenty of water and patiently eat according to the diet list for 14 days.
  • Unsweetened Turkish coffee for snacks will also be a choice that balances blood pressure in the diet list. If you see negative effects on your body after the first day, you should stop following the diet. You should take precautions to avoid affecting a possible ailment.

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