Best Seafood Restaurants in Texas!

Best Seafood Restaurants in Texas

While the state’s ribs and barbecue may be its most well-known exports, did you know that Texas also excels in the field of seafood? In Texas’ enormous culinary seafood, sea food aficionados will find a variety of choices, including luxury restaurants, pier-side diners, and even essential over-the-counter places. So, all the most fantastic seafood restaurant in the state have been included here!

1.  Charlotte Plummer

More than 40 years since Charlotte Plummer first opened its doors, offering customers some of the most incredible seafood in town. As you sip your beverage and savor your food, take in the stunning riverfront scenery. If you’re in the mood for something a little more adventurous than the standard bar fare, try the PoBoys or the stuffed flounder with crab meat. There’s no way you can leave without eating the tower of crab meat, avocados, and pico de gallo served with Mexican chips.

2.  Pier 99

For a fantastic night out, Pier 99 is the place to be. With live music, a vast terrace, and excellent cuisine, this is a sure way to have a good time. From gumbo to snow crab to a “family seafood boil,” which includes shrimp, crab, sausage, corn, new potatoes, and toast, your stomach and heart will be satisfied after your meal.

3.  Christie’s Steakhouse & Seafood Restaurant

Before moving to Houston, Christie’s started in Galveston and then expanded to serve meals in the surrounding region in 1917 as a food and drink stand. The restaurant has developed a loyal following in Houston over the previous century. Known for its fried shrimp, the family-friendly eatery serves it with its remoulade and tartar sauces.

4.  Prime Seafood By Eddie V’s

Prime Seafood by Eddie V is a seafood and steak restaurant franchise. The menu changes daily and seasonally because of the restaurant’s focus on locally sourced, sustainably caught seafood. Cooks employ a wide variety of seafood, including local and exotic varieties. Chilean sea bass and several of the delicious raw bar options, such as Island Creek and Pleasant Point oysters, are always popular choices.

5.  Tony Mandola

Since the early 1980s, Tony Mandola has served customers his Italian specialties and fresh seafood from the Gulf Coast. The restaurant’s interior style is reminiscent of New Orleans’ French Quarter. The cuisine is consistently good, with specialties like charred, soft shell crab, and fried snapper among the many tempting options.

6.  Angry Crab Shack

There’s something for every seafood enthusiast at Angry Crab Shack on Grant Rd, with a culinary experience that’s simply unmatchable. Angry Crab Shack North Tucson is the place to go if you’re searching for a crab-in-a-bag with a twist. Depending on your unique taste, you may alter the recipe to suit your needs.

7.  Bluewater Seafood Champion

One of the most popular restaurants is Bluewater Seafood Champions, which serves crabs and seafood. The atmosphere is laid-back and informal, with TVs in the dining sections and picnic tables on the patio. Garlic Dungeness crabs and raw and mesquite-roasted oysters are among the dishes on the menu. In addition to a variety of platters and grilled dinners, Bluewater serves shrimp-fried rice, green beans, or a side salad with bread.

8.  Golden Seafood House

In this multi-room seafood restaurant with a bar, you’ll find a delectable menu of fresh seafood influenced by Asian and Mexican flavors. Since its beginning in 1986, the restaurant has been popular among Houstonians because of its emphasis on family dining.

Red snapper may be ordered grilled or fried at Golden Seafood House, which is noted for its ceviche mariscos, a spicy seafood soup.

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