What is Dry Aged? How is it done?

Dry Aged

Meat cooking techniques are developing and changing day by day. It is the steak restaurants that are opening every day that ensure this change. Thanks to the new methods applied by those who love to eat meat, those who turn meat into art and cook it, many people have become even more fond of eating and cooking. The innovation and different methods that entered the kitchen further increased the richness of meat dishes. Dry aged steak has been added to this richness in recent years .

Bovine or small ruminant animals slaughtered on the advice of experts should be rested in appropriate conditions before their meat is consumed. More than one method is tried for resting. We will explain to you one of these methods, a technique called dry-aged. In fact, dry aged, which was discovered years ago but has just been applied in our country, will be even more popular after tomorrow.

In these lines, we explain the things that are curious about dry aged, which is remembered as dry aged meat, for you one by one. You will need this information to better prepare meats and make a good meat selection before cooking them.

What is Dry Aged?

  • The Turkish equivalent of the term dry aged is expressed as “dry resting”.
  • This method is used when red meats need to be rested. Red meats must be rested in order to balance the acids in them and make them ready for consumption.
  • Dry aged technique is also done only in professional places. Dry aged, which is applied for quality beef, is frequently used for steak options prepared in luxury restaurants.
  • The dry aged method, which has been used in European countries for an average of 70 years, has been on the agenda recently.
  • Those who heard this technique for the first time would look for answers to the question of what does dry aged mean in butchers and meat restaurants.
  • The frequently asked question of what is dry aged has now been brought up by meat companies. Because many meat companies have started to implement this technique.
  • After wet aging was introduced in the 1970s, meat specialists often tried dry aging and saw that the quality of the meats increased even more.
  • This technique, which is used to cook meats more tender and delicious, is professionally applied in meat restaurants in many countries. Dry aged, which does not disturb the structure of the fibers in the meat, is also ideal for both bone-in and boneless meats.

Why is Dry Aged Applied?

  • Meat contains lactic acid. It is applied to slowly release the acids in the meat.
  • Thanks to this resting, which is done in an average of 20 days, the meat leaves acids and with the help of enzymes, it reaches a softer consistency than before.
  • In the meantime, a layer is formed on the outside. The meat under the layer remains soft and tasty thanks to the enzymes.

How Is Dry Aged Made?

After answering the question of what is dry aged meat, it is necessary to explain how this process is done.

  • For this process, an environment with a temperature of 0-1°C and a humidity of 86% is required.
  • It is important that the interior is hygienic, climatic rooms with controlled air flow.
  • Meat is stored under these conditions for 21-28 days. If there is an adjustment other than the given values, the structure of the meat will be spoiled.
  • Beef is used for dry aged application. It is thanks to this method that beef meat is consumed softer and tastier.
  • The cold air in the dry aged cabinets is distributed over the entire surface of the meat thanks to the fans.
  • With the effect of cold air, the outer layer of the meat undergoes a color change.
  • Generally, ribeye, t-bone and chop sections are suitable for dry aged.
  • Meats have a special bag for the dry aged technique. These bags, which are sold under the name of dry aged bags, are used for sterile resting of meat.
  • Dry aged bag is selected according to the size of the meat and has a cold air permeable structure.

How to Cook Dry Aged Meat?

If you do not have experience in meat cooking techniques yet; It’s time to learn the answers to the question of how to cook dry aged . Chefs will give advice to those who say how to cook dry aged meat, which is delicious and leaves a mark on the palate :

  • If you are thinking of cooking dry aged entrecote; First of all, you should choose the pan well. Using cast iron pans will always give more delicious results.
  • If you wish; You can also cook it on the grill. However, it is recommended to use only oil when cooking. You can also wait to serve it on plates to add salt.
  • If you are going to add spices or special sauce; It is recommended to add it on the plate at the last stage.

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