13 Benefits of Ginger as Herbal Medicine

Benefits of Ginger

Ginger is one type of spice that is useful for maintaining a healthy body. The following is an explanation of the benefits of ginger as an herbal medicine.
Indonesia is a spice-producing country that is very diverse and beneficial for health. One type of spice that is often used for herbal medicine is ginger. Benefits of ginger for health are no longer in doubt.

Ginger has many active compounds that are good for health. Reporting from the healthyq.com page , this plant with the Latin name zingiber officiale contains calories, carbohydrates , fiber, protein , fat, sugar, folic acid , iron, potassium, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin B2, magnesium. , phosphorus and zinc.

Benefits of Ginger for Health

The high content of active compounds makes this spice function to maintain a healthy body. Quoted from various sources, the benefits of ginger for health are as follows:

Relieve pain

Research conducted by the University of Georgia states that ginger supplements taken every day can relieve muscle pain. In addition, pain due to dysmenorrhea can also be cured by using this one spice.

Prevent skin diseases

Another benefit of ginger is to prevent skin diseases, because consuming ginger can make your skin sweat. The sweat glands themselves, can produce a protein called fermicin. The function of this protein is to protect the body from bacteria and fungi that cause skin diseases.

Prevent cancer

Cancer is a chronic disease that requires a long healing process. The drugs needed for this disease are also not cheap. Moreover, this disease can happen to anyone regardless of age or gender. Therefore, it is necessary to have appropriate and effective cancer prevention efforts.
Ginger contains gingerol which is useful for preventing cancer. Meanwhile, research at the University of Minnesota found that mice given gingerol had smaller tumors, compared to mice not given gingerol. Therefore, gingerol is referred to as one of the active compounds that can prevent the spread of tumor cells and prevent the severity of tumor cells.

Prevent inflammation

Another health benefit of ginger is that it can prevent inflammation. Gingerol, which is found in ginger, in addition to preventing the growth of tumor cells, also has anti-inflammatory properties. It can prevent inflammation, including in the joints.

Increase endurance

Immunity is one of the most important things during a pandemic. To be protected from various diseases, the body must first have a strong immune system. Ginger is one of the choices of herbal medicine that is believed to increase endurance.

The content of vitamin C and magnesium in ginger plays an important role in increasing the body’s immune system. In addition, the presence of gingerols, shogaols, and zingerones which have antioxidants can also keep the body healthy.

Prevent diabetes

Diabetes is caused by abnormal levels of sugar in the blood. This disease is quite difficult to treat, but can be prevented. According to the journal in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, glucose or sugar levels in the blood can be decreased by consuming ginger regularly.

Dizziness medicine

When dizziness strikes to make the eyes of fireflies, do not rush to take chemical drugs. Because chemical drugs often leave the effect of dependence and of course not good for the health of the body. To overcome dizziness or headaches, you can consume ginger because it is believed to be able to relieve dizziness and nausea.

Benefits of Ginger for Stomach

In addition to some of the benefits that have been mentioned previously, another benefit of ginger is to overcome stomach problems. Some of them such as stomach acid and flatulence. Here is the full explanation.

Overcoming stomach acid

Gastrointestinal health problems related to stomach acid are often a complaint of many people. Symptoms that often appear in this disease are usually nausea such as wanting to vomit, to a burning sensation in the chest or what is known as heartburn. There have been many medicines that are believed to be able to overcome the increase in stomach acid, but consuming chemical drugs too often is also not good for health.

Ginger is believed to be one of the natural remedies to treat stomach acid problems. Reporting from the halodoc.com page, ginger contains antioxidants that are good for health. The phenolic compounds in it can also cure digestive tract irritation to stomach contractions. This is what is able to prevent the acid in the stomach from rising into the esophagus.
The warm effect caused after consuming this herb can also reduce acid production in the stomach, and reduce nausea which is also often a symptom of stomach acid. Although the content of active compounds in ginger can prevent stomach acid from rising, consuming excessive ginger is also not recommended.

Overcome flatulence

Another benefit of ginger for the stomach is that it can prevent and also treat flatulence. Flatulence is actually caused by many things, such as stress, irritation of the colon, menstruation, and smoking.

Ginger water is believed to be able to overcome flatulence naturally. Its gingerol content acts as an analgesic, sedative, antipyretic, and anti-bacterial. Ginger can also increase the production of fluids such as bile and saliva which play a role in helping the digestive system absorb nutrients.

Food that is not completely absorbed by the body has the potential to produce toxins and cause health problems. This is what can trigger flatulence. Although ginger water is good for digestive tract health, consuming ginger water too often is also not recommended. Instead, consume ginger 3 to 4 grams per day to prevent the negative effects caused.

Benefits of Ginger for Cough

Another health problem that can also be overcome by using ginger is coughing. This disease is a digestive tract disorder and can interfere with activities. The benefits of ginger are proven to be effective for those of you who have a cough because the nutritional content in it has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and anti-oxidant properties. All of these play an important role in overcoming problems in the respiratory tract. Some of the benefits of ginger to overcome this one health problem, including:

Reduce the frequency of coughing

Cough is a disturbance in breathing and can interfere with activities if it is continuous. Not only for the sufferer, coughing can also make people around feel uncomfortable with his voice. In addition, a dry cough can also have a bad effect on the throat and is often followed by itching. To overcome these problems, ginger can be the solution. The warm feeling that comes after consuming ginger can relax the muscles in the throat and reduce the frequency of coughing.

Thin phlegm and help expel it

Coughing up phlegm is also a problem that is often complained of. Sometimes, cough sufferers also have difficulty expelling phlegm that interferes with the respiratory tract. To thin and help make phlegm come out faster, one way is by consuming ginger. Thus the throat becomes more relieved and breathing back smoothly.

Prevent infections in the respiratory tract

One of the causes of cough is due to a microbial infection in the respiratory tract. Usually, bacteria and viruses are the types of microbes that most often attack the respiratory tract. To prevent this, you can use natural ingredients. Ginger is believed to relieve coughs while reducing the risk of infection. This is stated in the journal Peer J. (2017), which states that the anti-bacterial compounds in ginger can inhibit and prevent bacteria from entering the body.

Benefits of Red Ginger for Fertility

Red ginger is one type of ginger that is now gaining popularity. Benefits of red ginger are not much different from ginger in general. The main characteristic of this ginger is of course the reddish green rhizome color and the inside or the flesh is also pink.

This ginger tends to have a smaller size compared to white ginger. The segments are also relatively rough and bulging. Meanwhile, in terms of content, it is not much different from white ginger; it’s just that it tastes more bitter and spicy because there are more essential oils in it.
Red ginger is usually harvested when it is old, and the benefits of red ginger are many, including increasing fertility. Research conducted by the Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Gajah Mada (UGM) states that the essential oil content in red ginger has an aphrodisiac effect.
Aphrodisiacs are chemicals used to stimulate sexuality and improve blood flow. This compound is especially important in men because it can trigger an erection. In addition, the antioxidants present in this rhizome are also antioxidants and have androgenic activity. This can trigger testosterone production in men and increase fertility.
Thus some of the benefits of ginger for health that we should know. Although ginger is a natural ingredient that has a myriad of benefits, consuming it should still be limited. If there are symptoms that appear after consuming this herbal medicine, then you should stop consuming this one spice.
Pregnant women, nursing mothers, or patients suffering from certain diseases should consult a doctor first, before consuming ginger. This step is necessary to avoid the risk of dangerous side effects.

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