10 health benefits of coconut water

Coconut water is rich in potassium and calcium, helping to treat intestinal infections and control high blood pressure. Coconut water is also recommended during physical activity, as it hydrates the body and replenishes minerals lost through sweat. Since it is a natural drink, it can be consumed by people of all ages, including babies.

In addition, it has few calories, no fat and is also a diuretic, which helps eliminate excess fluids from the body, making it a good option for weight loss. Coconut water also has antioxidant properties, which strengthen the immune system, preventing diseases such as heart attacks and some types of cancer, for example.

Although it is healthy, coconut water should be consumed in a maximum of 3 glasses per day, as excess can cause changes in heart rate, for example. Diabetics should consume a maximum of 1 glass per day and, as it contains a lot of potassium, which in excess is harmful to the kidneys, the consumption of the drink by those with kidney problems should be evaluated by a doctor and a nutritionist.

Benefits of coconut water

The main benefits of coconut water are:

1. Hydrates the body

Because it is rich in minerals such as potassium and magnesium, coconut water helps to replenish these minerals in the body, and is widely used by those who practice physical activity, as it is low in calories and does not cause abdominal distension, as is the case with other isotonic drinks. In addition, coconut water can also be used for health problems where there is a risk of dehydration, such as diarrhea. See other ways to treat diarrhea .

Because it has a pleasant and slightly sweet flavor, you can drink coconut water when you are thirsty and thus help hydrate your body, skin and hair.

2. Fight hangovers

Drinking coconut water is a great strategy to get over a hangover faster, as the drink naturally contains sugar, which helps to increase blood sugar levels, combating symptoms such as nausea and malaise. Learn more tips to cure a hangover .

3. Improves kidney function

Because it is a natural liquid with nutrients such as antioxidants, coconut water helps eliminate toxins from the body, as it stimulates the functioning of the kidneys, helping in the production and elimination of urine. The more urine is produced, the greater the elimination of small crystals, which can form and give rise to kidney stones, thus preventing kidney stones.

However, when you have kidney disease, it is important to talk to a nephrologist and a nutritionist to control your intake of coconut water, because high consumption of potassium, present in large quantities in the drink, can overload the functioning of the kidneys.

4. Helps you lose weight

Each 200 ml of coconut water has only 44 calories, is low in carbohydrates and has no fat, so it does not make you gain weight. In addition, coconut water has diuretic properties, helping to eliminate excess fluid from the body, making it a good option to aid in weight loss diets.

5. Cleanses the skin

Coconut water can be used to cleanse and moisturize the skin and also contains lauric acid, an ingredient that helps fight fungus and also helps treat acne. You can spray a little coconut water as a toner to finish the cleansing process, after washing your face with soap, for example. Learn about other homemade ways to cleanse your skin .

6. Improves nausea, heartburn and reflux

The potassium and magnesium in coconut water help combat indigestion, heartburn and reflux, making it a great strategy for those who suffer from constant nausea and sickness, such as pregnant women and people undergoing chemotherapy. Coconut water cleanses and hydrates the esophagus, calming the irritation that can be caused by stomach acidity, helping to control nausea.

7. Helps control high blood pressure

Potassium, present in large quantities in coconut water, improves the relaxation of the veins and increases the elimination of sodium through urine. Therefore, coconut water helps in the treatment of high blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart disease such as heart attack. Learn more about what to do when your blood pressure is high .

8. Lowers blood cholesterol

Regular consumption of coconut water promotes the reduction of fatty plaques in the arteries, as the drink is composed of antioxidants, compounds that, among other functions, help to balance cholesterol levels in the blood.

9. Helps fight cramps

Coconut water contains calcium and magnesium, which help maintain muscle health and are effective in preventing and combating cramps, especially in those who exercise. The drink also relaxes blood vessels, promoting muscle relaxation, which is important after exercise.

10. Improves intestinal infections

Coconut water is recommended for treating intestinal infections in adults and even as an auxiliary treatment for diarrhea in children, as it helps to replace water and nutrients such as potassium and sodium, which, in this case, are eliminated in large quantities. See other options for treating intestinal infections .

Nutritional information

The following table contains the nutritional information for 100 ml of coconut water:

Nutritional components Coconut water (100ml)
Energy 22 calories
Proteins 0 g
Fats 0 g
Carbohydrates 5.3 g
Fibers 0.1 g
Potassium 162 mg
Vitamin C 2.4 mg
Calcium 19 mg
Phosphor 4 mg
Iron 0 g
Magnesium 5 mg
Manganese 0.25 mg
Sodium 2 mg
Copper 0 mg
Zinc 0 mg

How to consume

Although coconut water is natural and healthy, excessive consumption should be avoided, because the drink contains nutrients such as potassium, sodium and magnesium, which in excess can unbalance the body’s functions, altering the heartbeat, for example.

Coconut water should be consumed no more than 3 glasses a day, at any time, before or after meals. For diabetics, the recommended amount is no more than 1 glass a day, with meals, to avoid an increase in blood glucose. For people with kidney problems, the amount of coconut water consumed should be assessed by a doctor and a nutritionist.

The ideal is to prioritize the consumption of natural coconut water. However, if it is not easy to find green or mature coconuts, you can drink coconut water from a carton or bottle, because it has the same nutrients and is still a healthier option when compared to soft drinks or powdered juices, for example.

Healthy recipes with coconut water

1. Green juice with coconut water


  • 200 ml of coconut water;
  • 2 slices of pineapple;
  • 2 cabbage leaves;
  • 1 small slice of ginger;
  • ice to taste.

Method of preparation:

Mix all the ingredients in a blender and blend. Drink cold, without straining. If necessary, sweeten with a little honey.

2. Red detox juice


  • 200 ml of coconut water;
  • 1 grated carrot;
  • ½ sliced ​​beetroot;
  • ice to taste.

Method of preparation:

Add all ingredients to the blender and blend well. Serve cold and without straining.

3. Lemonade with coconut water


  • 400 ml of coconut water;
  • 6 mint leaves;
  • 2 Sicilian lemons;
  • ice to taste.

Method of preparation:

In a jug, add the coconut water and the lightly crushed or chopped mint leaves. Squeeze the lemon juice and add the ice cubes. Mix everything and serve while still cold.

4. Fruit smoothie with coconut water


  • 2 pineapple slices;
  • 1 mango,
  • 1 orange;
  • 250 mL of coconut water (1 glass);
  • 10 grams of fresh ginger;

Method of preparation:

Cut the pineapple, mango and orange into pieces and then peel the ginger. Blend all the ingredients, except the ice, until you get a creamy mixture. Then add the ice and blend again, serving immediately or leaving in the fridge to preserve.

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