6 Benefits of Egg Shells You’ve Never Heard of

Egg Shells

Eggs, which are used in many ways during the day, are a beneficial food for health. When the yolk and white are used, delicious dishes and useful skin masks are created. So, what happens to the egg shells after using them? Those discarded egg shells are as useful as the inside of the egg. We are here to give you new information and to evaluate egg shells.

The eggshell, which is thrown away after use, has other features than you think. Each layer of these shells, which has three separate layers, contains vitamins. A chalky and chalky layer is frequently used in the pharmaceutical industry. The eggshell membrane, which is partially permeable, also has many effects for your body. The thin coating outside the shell also undertakes the task of protecting the egg and minerals.

Now let’s talk about the benefits of eggshell in these lines and reveal the unknown about the eggshell membrane. You can continue reading our article to benefit from the shells of the eggs you consume during the day!

Benefits of Egg Shell – You Wouldn’t Have Thought!

1) Protects Dental Health

  • It prevents tooth decay due to the high amount of calcium in the egg shell.
  • Thanks to the minerals it has, it prevents bad breath and does not give an opportunity to oral infections.
  • Eggshell, which has an effect on the formation of stronger and whiter teeth, is a popular food for oral and dental health when consumed correctly.

2) Prevents Bone Resorption

  • Thanks to its protein and calcium-containing structure, eggshell also protects bone health.
  • Egg shell, which is used in many bone repair and joint repair drugs, is closely related to muscle and bone health.
  • Egg shell, which is your natural remedy for osteoporosis or joint pain diseases, reminds you of its nutritional value.

3) Renews Skin Cells

  • The egg shell also plays an important role in cell regeneration. Thanks to the skin masks prepared with eggshell, many people renew their skin cells and have a more lively appearance.
  • The vitamins and minerals in the egg shell will show the effect of removing skin blemishes and whitening the skin.
  • With eggshell powder added to skin masks, you can apply masks in the most natural way. Try it to look younger and healthier!

4) Strong Calcium Supplement

  • Athletes, adults and those in the developmental age should consume foods containing calcium during the day.
  • Eggshell is also one of the potent sources of calcium.
  • It is possible to spend more nutritious meals with egg shell powder added to soups or meals.

5) Nourishes Hair

  • With the egg shell mask to be applied to the hair, the hair will grow faster.
  • The vitamins in the egg shell nourish the hair from root to tip and provide hair repair.
  • Regularly applied eggshell mask helps your hair look healthier.

6) Heals Skin Irritation

  • From time to time, you can eliminate the redness and itching on your skin with an egg shell.
  • Egg shells, which are boiled for a few minutes and then mixed with vinegar, heal the redness and itching in the area when they come into contact with the skin in a warm way.
  • Do not forget to wait for the vinegar and eggshell to reach the appropriate temperature for your skin! Hot application can damage your skin!

What Are the Benefits of Egg Shell Membrane?

When you break the egg, there is a membrane inside the shell. The benefits of this eggshell membrane are very closely related to your health. Here are the benefits of eggshell membrane:

  • The effect of egg shell membrane on calcification disease is on the agenda. Thanks to this membrane, the pain experienced due to calcification is reduced by almost half.
  • It is also thanks to this substance that the cells in the knees of people who have calcification are regenerated quickly.
  • When you examine the contents of many drugs recommended for knee and joint diseases; You will notice that there is an eggshell membrane. Thanks to this membrane, the recovery rate of muscle and bone diseases increases.

Egg Shell Mask Recipe that Renews Skin Cells


  • 3 egg shells
  • 4 drops of lemon juice
  • 2 teaspoons of yogurt
  • 2 tablespoons of egg white


It will be very easy to get rid of skin blemishes with the eggshell lemon mask, which has been tried by many people recently. For the most effective results, the recommended egg shell cure should be applied regularly. Here’s what you need to do:

  • First, crush the egg shells well in a mortar.
  • If you have a grinder, you can try this process on the grinder.
  • When you grind the eggshells into powder, add the other ingredients gradually and start to thicken.
  • Apply this mask to your make-up-free skin, being careful around the eyes.
  • Clean the mask, which remains on your skin for about 15 minutes, from your face with warm water and take care to apply it once a week.
  • With the eggshell mask, which accelerates the regeneration of cells , you can clean the acne and wounds on your skin in a short time.

What Does Egg Shell Do, Can It Be Eaten?

  • Eggshell is suitable for consumption as it contains calcium and protein .
  • Those who want to consume the egg shell can turn it into powder.
  • Boil the egg shells for 10 minutes first and then dry them slightly in the oven preheated to 100 degrees. In the meantime, do not forget to check to avoid burning.
  • You can grind dried eggshells and store them in jars. This jar should also be kept in a cool place.
  • You can add eggshell powder to soups or purees. Eggshell powder, which you can easily use in any meal you wish, will increase the nutritional value of the meals.
  • It is also a hidden source of calcium for children in the developing age.
  • In the right way and with conscious consumption, the egg shell protects the health of the body. It gives strength from teeth to nails.
  • Eggshell, which is considered healthy for humans to consume; It also draws attention as a nutritive substance for plants.
  • Considering that there is an average of 800 mg of calcium in 1 teaspoon of egg powder , it would be more accurate to use it in moderation.

How is Egg Shell Used in Flowers?

Those who grow flowers at home know very well how to use eggshell as a flower fertilizer. So, what is the effect of eggshell on flowers? How to use? Let’s get into the details for those who are curious!

  • If you boil the egg shells in a small pot and pour this water into the flower pot after cooling it; you get a natural mineral water for your plant.
  • There is also a different usage. If you sprinkle eggshell powder on the soil and add it, you will ensure that the plant stays away from insects and grows healthier.
  • You can see the benefits of egg shells with natural fertilization applied in all kinds of pots and plants.
  • If you pot the eggshells in large pieces; you can see that these parts stay the same for a long time.
  • In order for the plant to benefit from the egg shell, it is recommended to use its juice or powder.
  • Infestation or rot will be history once you add the eggshells!

Egg Shell Harms and Side Effects

  • Salmonella virus can be seen in people who consume the egg shell without any boiling and cleaning process. This virus occurs in egg shells. Therefore, it is recommended to be consumed after a good cleaning process.
  • It is dangerous to try this method, as chewing the egg shells in large pieces will also damage the mouth. In case of consumption, it will be the most suitable method to turn into powder.
  • When you use it carefully, you will see the benefits of egg shells rather than harms, and after a while you will stop throwing egg shells in the trash!

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