When Are Figs Ripe?

When are figs ripe
When are figs ripe

Figs are in different colours, sizes and flavours. In the Netherlands, the purple fig tree is often in the garden. The fig is a sham fruit and both the kernels, the skin, and the flesh are edible. The fact that the fig is a special fruit has to do with the ripening of the fig. Figs are only ripe at one moment!

When are figs ripe?

The moment of ripeness strongly depends on the species of fig. Figs ripen on the tree and do not ripen on the fruit bowl. Pick the figs when they are soft, the bottom thickens and shows cracks, and when they easily release from the branches. Then the fruit is ripe!

Figs are special and versatile fruits with high sugar content. But note, because of the sweetness, you can not add them to all dishes. Eating a ripe fig is delicious and nutritious and healthy too. But only ripe figs can be eaten, and when that is, I’m going to tell you now.

When Figs Ripe

Only when they are ripe can they be eaten. Not yet ripening figs are hard and overly ripe figs are already fermenting and lose much of their original taste. In addition, there are many types of figs that are all ripe at different times.

And this starts with picking. The picking begins when the fig is ripe. Figs do not ripen on the fruit bowl but only on the tree. If the fig is picked too early you have an immature fig and if the figs are picked too late you have an overripe fig. Both are not tasty to eat. Only the ripe figs are tasty to eat and so it is important to pick at the right time.

When His Figs Ripe To Pick

During the picking, it is important to feel. The figs are ripe when they feel softer. Feel the figs and feel the difference in hardness between hard, soft, and very soft. Touch the figs and if they release easily and are soft, they are ripe. In addition, the bottom is often larger and begins to tear a little.

It is therefore important to check every day whether there are figs on the branches that are ripe. So it can be a daily chore to feel if there are still ripe figs on the branches.

If you pick them too early, they are not ripe and can have a rubber taste. If you pick them a day late, they may have already lost a lot of their taste. So attention is required.

Check all figs for cavities and damage, as figs are also a delicacy for birds. When the fruits start to grow larger, you can place a net over the fig tree to keep the birds away.

Which Month Are Figs Ripe

There are hiding fig trees that produce figs that are ripe at different times. In the Netherlands, we usually have purple figs. In general, they are ripe in the months of August and September. Its feel then soft and easily detach from the branches.

When Are Figs Ripe To Eat

This question is now easy to answer if you have read the text above. Figs are picked ripe and do not ripen further on the fruit bowl. Figs ripen on the branches. So when they’re picked, they’re ready to eat. Otherwise, read the chapter ‘Wanner Figs Ripe To Pick?’.

I recommend that you eat the figs immediately, the same day because figs are difficult to store and lose their taste very quickly. If you leave them, they start to ferment and this does not please the taste.

Figs Do Not Ripen

There is only one answer to this, which is true. Figs do not ripen on the fruit bowl. Figs ripen on the branches and are therefore picked ripe.

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