How Does Triglyceride Height Lower? 13 Herbal Treatments


Herbal Remedies Good for Triglyceride Elevation; It is very important for your health to have a routine blood test throughout the year . In the blood tests, the proportions of the substances in your body and their effects on your health are determined. One of these values ​​draws attention as triglycerides.

The information is advisory; Consult your doctor for the healthiest and most accurate results.

How Does Triglyceride Height Lower?

  • Sage
  • Thyme
  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Green beans
  • Olive oil
  • Flaxseed
  • Rolled oats
  • Purslane
  • Mint
  • Green Lentils
  • Red radish
  • Parsley – Lemon

Of interest to many, triglyceride is a frequently requested value in blood tests . We have prepared this article for you in order to prevent diseases that may occur in height and deficiency. This page contains information on triglycerides. When you read our article to the end, you can reach the importance of triglyceride value for your body.

Many people who have a blood test experience high triglycerides. In this case, the idea of how to treat high triglyceride herbal treatment prevails. If you are asking how to reduce triglycerides with natural methods , the answers you are looking for will be with you on this page.

What is Triglyceride?

  • Triglyceride is a value that is examined together with a blood test to prevent heart diseases.
  • Triglyceride, which is a type of fat found in the blood, is the storage state of the fat taken with food in the body.
  • Triglyceride is used during prolonged fasting or hormone production.
  • From time to time, people’s triglyceride levels may increase. This condition is called hypertriglyceridemia . High triglycerides are common in people who consume foods containing very high fat and deeply affect heart health.
  • A blood test given after at least 12 hours of fasting is required for the detection of triglycerides in the blood.

How to Lower Triglyceride Height? 13 Herbal Treatment

How to lower triglycerides is a question answered by İbrahim Saracoğlu . The answer to this question includes intensely healthy foods and plants. Your meals with herbs that lower triglycerides offer you a healthier life. Now triglyceride-lowering herbal teas and herbs will be on this list with you!

1) Sage

  • Sage is an herbal tea recommended to have a healthy life. It is especially recommended for lowering the triglyceride value in the blood.
  • If your results are high , you can reduce the triglyceride value to the ideal figure by drinking 2 cups of sage during the day .

2) Thyme

  • Thyme is an herb that cleanses the body and prevents fat storage. When added to meals, it reduces the level of triglycerides in the blood.
  • You can also improve the triglyceride level thanks to herbal tea prepared with thyme.

3) Broccoli

  • It is recommended to consume low-calorie and fiber-rich foods to reduce the triglyceride level. One of these foods is broccoli.
  • When you boil broccoli and consume it regularly, it protects your heart health and you can reduce the triglyceride level to the required level.

4) Cabbage

  • Antioxidant foods help to lower the triglyceride value. Cabbage is one of these foods.
  • Those who have a very high triglyceride value as a result of the blood test can boil the cabbage leaves and drink the water.

5) Green Beans

  • You can prevent the rise of triglycerides by consuming foods rich in dietary fibers. Thus, you will protect the health of the veins.
  • You can consume green beans, which contain less fat and protect the triglyceride value in the blood, frequently in the season.

6) Olive oil

  • To improve triglyceride elevation, you should make full choices in terms of omega fatty acids . Therefore, the type of oil you add to your meals will also affect you.
  • By choosing olive oil, you will be choosing a healthy oil. Olive oil is a herbal treatment of triglyceride elevation.

7) Flaxseed

  • Flaxseed draws attention among the healthy foods that prevent fat in the body. It also prevents the rise of triglycerides by preventing lubrication in the body.
  • People with high triglyceride levels can consume flaxseed regularly. You can reduce the triglyceride value when consumed with salad and yogurt.

8) Oatmeal

  • Elevated triglycerides cause cardiovascular diseases. To prevent this situation, it is recommended to consume oats.
  • You can consume oatmeal by adding it to the foods you want. Thus, you can keep the triglyceride value in balance.

9) Purslane

  • Purslane is an antioxidant plant and initiates fat burning. It also prevents the triglyceride rate in the blood from increasing.
  • In order to reach the ideal blood values ​​for your body, you should consume purslane by washing it frequently and very well.

10) Mint

  • For those who ask how to lower triglycerides , mint, which is loved by everyone with its scent, is also a healing option.
  • Fresh mint is one of the beneficial herbs that can be consumed in case of triglyceride increase .
  • Consumed fresh in salads and breakfast plates, mint reduces the triglyceride level to a minimum.

11) Green Lentils

  • If you’re wondering how to reduce triglycerides, what Saracoglu says about it, Ibrahim Saracoglu recommends green lentils.
  • Green lentil soup to be drunk 2-3 times a week helps to decrease triglyceride.
  • You can consume green lentils by including them in different recipes such as lentil meatballs.

12) Red Radish

  • If you are thinking about what to eat to lower triglycerides , we recommend adding radish to your tables.
  • Thanks to the radish you add to your salads, your body will become healthier.

13) Parsley Lemon

  • If you say how to reduce triglycerides, what herbal treatment can be, you can benefit from parsley and lemon.
  • Consuming this couple as a cure makes it easier for you to benefit from triglycerides.
  • You can complete the cure by mixing chopped parsley and lemon juice with a little clean water and drinking it for 15 days, then taking a break for 15 days and consuming this mixture again for 15 days.

High Triglyceride Symptoms, How to Understand?

Triglyceride is an issue discussed by Canan Karatay and many other experts. It threatens health in case of its height. So how to understand the height?

  • First of all, a blood test is performed to determine the triglyceride ratio in the blood. It is compared with the triglyceride level that should be according to the age of the person.
  • When it is too high, some symptoms occur in humans. One of these symptoms; is fatigue. The body becomes tired because the fat rate in the blood rises.
  • Nodules formed in the structure of the knee and joints are also a symptom.
  • There is a malfunction in the functioning of the pancreas .
  • Severe acute pancreatitis occurs and requires immediate intervention.

Why Do Triglycerides Rise?

Finding the answer to the question of how to lower triglycerides is actually the first step to solve this problem. Although you can temporarily normalize your triglyceride level with the methods you will use, if there is a serious underlying problem, it may still be a problem because it has not been resolved.

In a healthy person, triglyceride elevation may occur depending on some factors. In case of high triglyceride levels, you should immediately contact your doctor and give a blood test. We can express the situations that cause this situation as follows:

  • take in more calories than burned
  • Smoking and alcohol use
  • Consuming processed foods and sugary foods too often
  • Thyroid diseases
  • genetic factors
  • Having type 2 diabetes
  • have a sedentary life
  • Insulin resistance detection
  • Metabolism syndromes

How Many Triglycerides Should Be? Normal Value – Reference Ranges

  • As a result of the blood test, results below 150 mg/dL are expected for healthy and adult individuals.
  • Measurements in the range of 150-199 mg/dL are people at risk.
  • Numbers in the range of 200-499 mg/dL are high-risk individuals.
  • Above 500 mg/dL are the people who need to be treated early and should not be late.


  • For people with high triglyceride levels, a nutrition program is first created and it is recommended that they be fed with healthier choices.
  • It is recommended to reduce red meat consumption to 2 times a week.
  • Focus on foods rich in omega oils, such as fish and walnuts.
  • With drinking plenty of water and having a more active life, natural treatment of glyceride level can be done.
  • Drug treatment is started for those who are deemed appropriate by the doctor. These drug treatments are given as a result of the examination.

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