What is Wok? Why Wok is Healthy and Delicious

What is Wok

Do you have a busy schedule and still want to cook with tasty and healthy ingredients? Then wok cooking might be something for you, with short preparation times you can quickly put something tasty and healthy on the table.

Add oil in the pan, a vegetable package and a handful of bean sprouts and ten minutes later the meal is ready. Stir-frying preserves the natural flavour, vitamins and nutrients of vegetables, one of the fastest and healthiest ways to cook.

Wok is popular for its fresh ingredients, short preparation times and tasty spices and sauces. The ingredients are strongly heated in the wok in small amounts of oil, we have started woking en masse in recent years.

Stir-frying is often touted as the ideal solution for people in a hurry, curious why wok or stir-frying is so healthy and delicious? In this article we explain it to you.


  • What is Wok?
  • Why is wok or stir-fry healthy?
  • Good stir-frying is important
  • Wok and Stir-fry Tips

What is Wok?

Wok is usually a super hot pan of oil over high heat while you fry your food and toss, shake or ‘stir’ regularly. That is why it is also called stir-frying.

A characteristic feature of stir-frying is that the temperature remains higher than the boiling temperature of water and due to the shape of the wok the contact surface is large so that the released moisture evaporates immediately.

Why is wok or stir-fry healthy?

Wok is healthy because the vegetables or meat are not boiled, but are cooked at a high temperature in a short time.

Most of the vitamins in vegetables are lost through water, and you pour away with the cooking liquid. We are often used to first cooking something in water, so that most of the flavor and vitamins are extracted from the ingredients.

Due to the short preparation time during stir-frying, the vitamins, fibers and flavors remain in the ingredients, so that they retain their healthy properties. In addition, with a good wok you only need a small amount of oil (better for your cholesterol levels).

Wok is possible with many types of products, such as fish, meat, poultry and even vegetarian products. You can use low-fat ingredients during stir-frying, they are often just as tasty

Thanks to a healthy combination of vegetables and proteins, you can put a better, low-fat dish on the table simply, quickly and deliciously by stir-frying.

Good stir-frying is important

To be able to stir-fry well, make sure your wok is hot. This is necessary to cook all ingredients in a short time.

“It is important that you apply the technique properly, otherwise you won’t be left with any vitamins after the stir-fry”

You can stir-fry almost anything, from meat to fish, and all kinds of vegetables such as bell pepper, leek, mushrooms, onion pak choi, peppers, bean sprouts and broccoli can all be fried in a wok.

Make sure the pan is on a hot fire and sizzle a little before you start frying, it is important that you stir-fry quickly. Put this in a dash of oil, preferably a vegetable oil.

Many vegetable oils, such as sunflower oil, can become hotter than olive or sesame oil. You can add different oils to your wok dishes, but do this at the end of your cooking time.

Wok and Stir-fry Tips

Many things can go wrong during stir-frying. The difficulty of stir-frying is that all the different vegetables have to be cooked at the same time. Here are a few tips for cooking:

  • Small pieces: The larger the product, the longer something has to cook.
  • Cut your ingredients the same size : if all your products are the same size, the cooking is even.
  • Prepare the ingredients before heating the wok. This prevents you from doing too much at once and burning something.
  • Dry products , to avoid splashing oil which can be very dangerous. Moreover, you want to wok and not cook.
  • Make sure your wok is hot: You will hear a crackling sound in your wok when it is hot enough. A hissing sound means that your wok is not hot enough.
  • Vary your wok dishes by using different oils. You can change sunflower oil or olive oil to peanut oil, canola oil or coconut oil to change the taste of your dish.


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