What are the Benefits of Parsley Juice? When to Drink

Benefits of Parsley Juice

Adding flavor to every dish, from hot meals to pastries, with its unique flavor, parsley is a complete vitamin store with the vitamins and minerals it contains. With its vitamins, it is consumed not only as a vegetable, but also with parsley and its juice.

How to Make Parsley Juice?

Parsley juice, which is generally known for its health benefits and detox effect, can be prepared by boiling and passing through a blender in two different ways:

1) Blender Method

  • After 1 bunch of parsley is washed and sorted, it is thrown into the blender and 1 or 1.5 glasses of water is added to it.
  • If desired, lemon can be added to the prepared mixture and it is recommended to be consumed within the same day.

2) Boiling Method

  • In the recipe for parsley juice prepared by boiling, the parsley, which is extracted together with the stems, is divided into several parts and boiled over low heat.
  • After it starts to boil, the bottom of the stove is turned off before the parsley melts and it is left to infuse for 10 minutes.
  • Parsley juice can be consumed after cooling.

What are the Benefits of Parsley Juice?

  • Parsley juice, which has C, K and B group vitamins and immune system strengthening effect, strengthens the body against microbes and reduces the risk of getting sick in winter months. Especially with the beta-carotene in it, it helps to stay healthier and fitter.
  • Parsley juice is effective against iron deficiency and is good for anemia. In people with iron deficiency, it should be consumed in a cure after consulting a doctor.
  • It has a breath-cleansing effect. Drinking parsley juice after foods that cause bad breath, such as onions and garlic, removes bad breath.
  • Parsley juice has a kidney stone-lowering effect and ensures healthy functioning of the kidneys. It is diuretic by working the kidneys and is curative against urinary tract infections. At the same time, parsley juice carries menstrual expectorant effect. It relieves menstrual pain and makes the period more comfortable.
  • Helping to lose weight is the most well-known among the benefits of parsley juice. It accelerates fat burning and helps to lose weight. It allows to burn calories faster, especially during the diet period.
  • Since parsley juice is a powerful antioxidant, it helps to purify the body from harmful substances and provides regeneration of the skin. In addition, questions such as “Does parsley juice remove inflammation” and “Does parsley juice relieve edema” come to mind. When consumed regularly, parsley juice, which has edema-stimulating properties, is anti-inflammatory, cleans the blood and ensures regular operation of the trioid hormone.
  • Parsley juice, which is also good for skin health, is also a remedy for those who have acne problems. It helps dry up acne with its vitamin C content. Regular consumption reduces acne breakouts and gives the skin a healthier shine. Parsley juice, which is also effective against skin blemishes, is effective in cleaning the skin.

Does Parsley Juice Make You Weak?

  • Parsley is known as one of the legendary foods that allows weight loss on its own.
  • Since it is a toxin-reducing plant, it is one of the most important plants used both for a healthy life and to help lose weight.
  • Parsley supports weight loss both as a source of antioxidants and with its toxin-reducing feature.
  • It is possible to lose weight with parsley juice, especially thanks to its sweat and diuretic properties.
  • With its effect on weight loss, you can consume the food with parsley juice diet to help you with your own diet or as a cure for a different diet.
  • You need to take care to consume the cure prepared with parsley juice regularly and it is recommended that you drink the cure that you will prepare fresh daily in order to benefit better from its vitamins.

Is Parsley Juice to Drink Hungry or Full?

When to drink parsley juice? Here are the answers!

  • Parsley juice, the way of consumption of which varies depending on the purpose of use, should be drunk regularly and at the right time, as in any vegetable juice.
  • If it is to be used for weight loss, it is recommended to drink it in the morning on an empty stomach to see the effects better.
  • It is more appropriate to have breakfast half an hour after drinking parsley juice, where you will feel the effect of its active ingredients better when drunk on an empty stomach.
  • If it is to be drunk to benefit from the detox effect, it is appropriate to consume it twice a day.
  • It should be taken approximately 40 minutes after breakfast and 2 hours after dinner.
  • It is also important to drink parsley juice immediately after preparing it.
  • Vegetable juice, whose vitamins decrease when it is kept, will be more effective when consumed as soon as it is prepared.

Parsley Juice Harms and Side Effects

Although it is very beneficial, parsley juice has some side effects when it is not consumed correctly or consumed without considering health problems.

Especially when it comes to the side effects of parsley juice , the question of “does parsley juice lower blood pressure?” comes to the fore. Since it is a food rich in potassium, it is known to lower high blood pressure and regulate blood pressure. However, it is recommended that those with blood pressure problems consult a doctor before starting to consume parsley juice.

Another issue that is curious about parsley juice is the consumption of “parsley juice during pregnancy” . In particular, the question of “does parsley juice abort a baby” comes to the minds of expectant mothers. Since parsley juice can cause problems in the uterine canals during pregnancy, it leads to the danger of miscarriage. Therefore, it is not recommended for expectant mothers to drink parsley juice.

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