Some Science-Based Reasons to Consume More Protein

Science-Based Reasons to Consume More Protein

The health benefits of carbs and fats are controversial. However, almost everyone will agree to the health benefits of protein.

Protein is one of the most important nutrients that will maintain the overall condition of your body. Apart from carbs, protein is the only nutrient that will help you recover your muscle growth. This is why protein supplements are the primary choice for most bodybuilders and athletes.

Most people consume enough amount of protein so that they can avoid the symptoms and consequences of protein deficiency. Various researches have proved that a high protein diet is extremely effective at improving metabolic health and weight loss.

Here are some great science-based reasons to consume enough protein.

Reduces Hunger and Appetite Levels 

The three primary macronutrients – protein, carbs, and fat are extremely important for your body. Studies proved that protein is the most filling. It will help you feel fuller without consuming foods.

This is because protein will help you reduce the level of the hunger hormone, called ghrelin. Protein will also enhance the level f peptide YY, which will make you full.

These will undoubtedly affect your appetite. If you’re planning to lose belly fat or weight, you should replace some cards with protein.

Increases Strength and Muscle Mass 

Protein is the primary component of your muscle. Hence, you need to eat an appropriate amount of protein so that you can easily maintain the muscle mass of your body. If you do strength training, protein will also promote muscle growth easily.

Different studies proved that consuming enough protein-rich foods and birthday cake protein powder can undoubtedly help you improve muscle strength and mass.

If you lift weights and are physically active, you need to ensure that you’re providing enough amount of protein to your body. Additionally, when your protein intake is high, you can easily prevent muscle loss during your weight loss journey.

Beneficial for Your Bones 

There is a popular myth that protein is harmful to the bone structure of the human body. This is based on the concept that protein enhances the acid load of the body, leading to calcium-related problems in your bones.

However, many long-term studies have proved that protein is extremely effective at improving overall bone health. As per Mayo Clinic, a low calcium diet will weaken your bones.

People who consume more amount of protein are capable of maintaining their bone mass better as they age. Additionally, they face lower risks of bone fractures and osteoporosis.

This is more important for women, who suffer from higher risks of osteoporosis after their menopause. Eating protein powders is one of the best ways to prevent that from occurring.

Increases Fat Burning and Enhances Metabolism 

Eating will enhance your metabolism for a short period. This is because your body will take time to digest the nutrients in the food.

However, when you consume a high-protein diet, you can improve your metabolism while also increasing the calories you burn. This can amount to more than 100 calories every day. Some researchers stated that protein is capable of burning more than 250 calories daily.


These are some science-based reasons to consume more protein. If you have any other questions, make sure you comment below.


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