Chips, nachos with cheese and guacamole, olives, soft drinks, beers, all these snacks sound like , right? And it is that every time we get ready to watch a series, a movie or a football game on TV, either alone or in the company of our partner or friends, we always carry out the same ritual in the kitchen before sitting on the sofa. placidly . This ritual, correct us if we are wrong, consists of preparing the most delicious appetizer in the world to delight the palate while we quietly enjoy this moment of leisure that we love so much in front of the screen. And among all these options there are some cereal grains that are usually the favorite snack of many people, at least it is ours, and they arethe popcorn .

Popcorn can be eaten salty, sweet, with butter, etc., it doesn’t matter which way it is, the important thing is that it always be crispy and tasty . Although there are different opinions, it has always been said that this cereal is one of the healthiest snacks you can have and it is not a lie, but whether popcorn is healthy or not will depend on the way you cook it and if you buy them in grain or in bags already prepared , as is often the case with microwave ones.

These special microwave preparations are not healthy at all as they are full of additives, preservatives and dyes that are not beneficial to our health. That’s why today we want to show you four different ways to make popcorn without using the microwave , either because you don’t have this appliance at home or because you want to cook it healthier from now on.

How to make popcorn without a microwave?

As we have been telling you from the beginning, it is possible to make popcorn without a microwave and we can assure you that it is perfectly done without burning , crispy and golden. Take note of these 4 ways to do them and choose your favorite to put it into practice:

  1. Bag of microwave popcorn made in a pan: Okay. You are absolutely right. A few lines above we have told you that the bags that are prepared to be made in the microwave are not healthy, but if you are those who love their flavor and do not have a microwave at home , you are in luck because you can cook them in your kitchen without problems. . To do this, you will need a pan that you must place on one of the burners. When it’s hot, all you have to do is place the bag of popcorn , package-side up, on top of the pan and wait for it to start popping. Go moving the package to the sides from time to time so that they do not burn. You will see that the bag will swell as in the microwave. In about 6 minutes they will be ready to eat.
  2. Corn kernels in a pan: This is the most traditional way of making popcorn and the one we like the most, although, yes, you must be very careful so that they do not burn . To do this, what you have to do is put a pan with a little oil to heat on the fire. When hot, add the corn kernels inside, put on a lid and turn the heat up to medium-high . Here we give you two tips, the first one is that you do not add salt as this will make the grains harden and the second is that you use a transparent lid to be able to control everything better. Little by little, the grains will burst with the heatand they will take the shape of the popcorn. Go moving the pan from time to time so that all the grains explode and do not burn.
  3. In a pot with water: If you want to make popcorn without oil so that it is healthier and does not have as much fat , with this cooking method you can achieve it. To do this, you will need a large pot, corn kernels, and water. The first thing you should do is cover the bottom of the pot with a handful of corn, forming a thin layer will be enough. Next, you’ll need to cover the grains with just enough water to cover them without floating. Cover the pot and heat it over medium heat. Keep moving it and when you see that this first batch of water has evaporated, add 1/4 more water to it, cover it again and turn it up to maximum heat.. As soon as you start to hear the first grains pop, lower it to the minimum and, when you stop hearing them pop, they are ready.
  4. In the air fryer: Currently, few Spanish kitchens do not have an air fryer and, as we know that this is not your case and that you have had one for a long time that you use for everything, we are going to tell you how you can make popcorn with it . It is very easy, in a container you will put the corn grains, a tiny pinch of oil and you will stir everything very well. Next, and before pouring the grains into the air fryer, you will place a non-stick lid the size of the circumference of your fryer on its bottom to prevent the grains from falling out. Then, you will put the grains inside and let them cook for 8-9 minutes at 200º .

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