Oven grill function: When and how to use it

Oven grill function

That golden, crunchy crust on lasagne, potatoes and many other dishes: yes, the credit goes to the oven grill. But this particular function, in reality, is used for much more: do you know how to make the most of it?

It is present in all models: the old ones, the traditional ones and the more advanced ones. Microwaves also have them. It is a cooking method that we could define as historical and indispensable. Have you guessed it? We are referring to the grill function of the oven . Familiar, yes. Yet not everyone knows how to use it best and exploit its potential, just as not everyone is aware of how versatile it is. Let’s try to fill every gap and resolve all doubts.

What is the oven grill symbol

Let’s start from the basics. The oven grill is a heat source generated by a resistor located in the upper part of the appliance itself; the symbol is a sort of serpentine , therefore a wavy hatch.

Brown and make foods crispier

When do you use the oven grill? Simply put: when you want to get a nice browning , toast and make the surface of the food crispy. Creating that crust you can’t resist, in short. Just think of lasagna and baked pasta , au gratin vegetables but also a well-browned chicken with potatoes , to immediately understand how important this function is.

You just need to activate it when it’s almost time for cooking to finish, but be careful: the resistance reaches very high temperatures in a short time, so just a few minutes are really enough . And it is good to monitor the situation, to prevent the dish from burning and our work being consequently wasted.

Roast the meat with the oven grill

Many people use the grill of the electric oven only for browning and gratinating, and let’s face it: it’s a real shame. Because in some cases this function can cover the entire cooking process and offer several advantages. The most important? It allows you to reduce the use of oil and other fats to a minimum , without sacrificing flavour. On the contrary!

With the grill it is possible, first of all, to roast meat . A simple steak, have you ever tried? If it’s a thin cut , or if you want to prepare a rare steak , just set the grill to the maximum temperature and wait for it to heat up; in the meantime brush the meat with oil on both sides. Then put it in the oven, making sure that the distance from the heating element is 8-10 centimetres. Leave 5-6 minutes to pass, turn the slice to the other side and continue cooking for another 5-6 minutes. Voila, ready.

If you prefer the steak to be perfectly cooked on the inside too , follow the same procedure but set the grill to minimum and allow for at least double the time. Sausages, bacon and skewers can also be cooked on the grill .

Grill the vegetables

The grill also allows you to cook vegetables with noteworthy results. A very simple operation: just activate it and set it to 180°C. While the coil heats up, wash and cut the vegetables into not too thick slices . Then they are placed on a baking tray previously lined with baking paper and greased with a little olive oil.

A drizzle of oil also on the surface of the vegetables and the cooking begins: within 10-15 minutes the dish is ready. Salt must be added at the end, strictly .

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