How to cook garlic?

How to cook garlic
How to cook garlic

How to cook garlic? Garlic is added to a wide variety of dishes to enhance flavor and alter flavor. To give the garlic the desired consistency, in some cases it must be boiled in advance. Not only the heads, but also the arrows of this plant are used for food, which can be prepared in several ways, from cooking to stewing.

Cooked garlic can be used to make:

  • appetizer;
  • pasta;
  • use as an additional ingredient for other products.

Cooked arrows of garlic can also be used as a standalone dish or as an additional component to other food products. Before cooking, the arrows are sorted out (yellow and sluggish areas are removed), washed and, if necessary, cut or crushed. Cook the garlic arrows over medium heat, and do not cover the pan with a lid. It is recommended to put garlic arrows in boiling water. During the cooking process, you do not need to follow the ingredient or stir it. Garlic in any form comes evenly until cooked.

Boil the arrows and cloves of garlic in salted water. If you pour them with cold water and then put them on fire, then the garlic will be less aromatic and will lose some of its taste. The longer this product is cooked, the less intense the taste becomes and the risk of bitterness arises.

You can cook garlic not only in a regular saucepan, but also in a double boiler, multicooker, microwave and pressure cooker. In these ways, you can cook both the heads of garlic and its arrows. In almost all cases, the product is completely filled with water or milk. An exception is the steamer cooking method. It will not work to cook garlic in milk using this device, because liquid is poured into a separate compartment. Steamed garlic can be served alone or used to make garlic paste, stuffing fillings, and other culinary experiments.

The process of cooking garlic in stages :

  • garlic (cloves or arrows) is prepared for cooking;
  • the water is brought to a boil (or milk);
  • garlic is placed in a boiling liquid;
  • the garlic is cooked without a lid;
  • the ingredient is removed from the water and squeezed slightly.

If the garlic is boiled in milk, it is best to add a small amount of water. Otherwise, the milk may burn before the ingredient is cooked. In addition, the milk-garlic mixture must be constantly stirred.

How much to cook garlic

Garlic cloves are usually boiled in water or milk. The type of liquid does not affect the cooking time. On average, garlic with this method of preparation comes to readiness within a maximum of 10 minutes. Cooked garlic is used as a snack or added to other ingredients.

The cooking time of the garlic arrows depends on personal preference. If they are planned to be crispy, then boil them for 15 minutes. To give a softer consistency, the cooking process is increased to 30 minutes. Traditionally, arrows are boiled for 15-20 minutes. During this time, they become not too soft, but at the same time they lose their hardness.

In a multicooker, double boiler or microwave, the cooking time for garlic arrows will be 20-25 minutes, and cloves – 15-20 minutes. In a pressure cooker, both parts are cooked in 15 minutes. To cook garlic in a multicooker, select the “Baking” or “Porridge” mode.

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