How Many Calories in Kunefe?

Calories in Kunefe

Kunefe is a frequently made dessert of Middle Eastern and Arabian cuisine. It is a kind of sherbet dessert that has been consumed for years in our country and attracts more attention as it is consumed. If you ask which city’s famous dessert is künefe, we may not be able to answer you with a single city. Because no matter which city you go to in the Eastern Mediterranean, you can definitely cheer up your stomach with künefe after dinner. It is an energy bomb that spreads to other regions, especially Mersin, Adana, Antep and Hatay.

Known to be among the flavors unique to Hatay, künefe consists of very thin kadayifs fried in a special tray first and then meeting with sherbet. It has a very subtle difference from kadayif desserts: Kunafe is prepared with cheese. Of course, this cheese is not one of the cheeses consumed for breakfast. It has a specially produced salt-free and hot melt structure. Kunefe dessert can also be served with ice cream and cream in many places. Well, when such a sweet service is in front of you, you may think how many calories are in a künefe with ice cream or cream. In this article, we have included the calorie information of künefe that will satisfy your curiosity.

We say let’s eat sweet, talk sweet. Are you ready? We do not forget to pay attention to the portion!

How Many Calories in Kunefe?

Kunefe contains lots of sugar and pistachios are used in its service. Added ingredients increase the calorie content of künefe. When you want to control weight, you can think of the following calorie information:

  • How many calories in 1 small portion of künefe? It is 380 calories.
  • Medium portion of künefe: 443 calories.
  • A large 300-gram portion of künefe: 759 calories.
  • Calories you will get when you want to eat a thick slice: 200 kcal
  • 50 grams of künefe serving: 127 calories
  • A slice of 100 grams will be 253 calories.
  • One serving of pistachio künefe contains 440 calories.
  • We also say that if you want to make it more delicious with cream and increase the calorie amount, you will get an average of 500 calories.

Additional Ingredients

  • When 1 scoop of plain ice cream is added to your künefe: You will get an additional 104 calories,
  • When you add 1 spoon of cream on plain künefe; We would like to express that you will get 59 more calories.

Considering the calorie value of künefe, is it possible to eat künefe while on a diet? You should not even think about the thought. When you eat a small portion of künefe, you can burn the calories you get with a brisk walk for at least 1.5 hours.

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