Floral decoration: how to personalize your pots

Floral decoration

Symbol of hope and messenger of the arrival of spring, the Primrose is already coming to your home! To receive it, learn how to decorate and personalize your pots, so as to make them unique. Beautiful flowers and pretty pots for a perfect interior!


3 Primroses

3 Watertight terracotta flowerpots

Water resistant wood glue



Black and white printed fabric


Step 1

Start by cutting a piece of the fabric you have chosen to decorate your pots. The strip of fabric should be wider than the pot is high, at least a few centimeters. Be sure to leave about two centimeters of fabric overhanging the top of the pot. Then coat the rim of your pot with wood glue, both inside and outside.

2nd step

The terracotta pots are never straight, it will be necessary to make a few notches in the fabric. After coating the entire pot with wood glue, start positioning your prints on top of each other, according to the pattern you want to achieve. When too much fabric overlaps, do not hesitate to remove some with a cut or two of the scissors. Once the work is finished, it is essential to check that the glue has taken hold and that the fabric is fixed to the pot.

Step 3

Once your pattern has been drawn by the different layers of fabric, remember to protect it. To do this, generously coat your pot, always with wood glue. However, be careful not to go overboard: it will show on the pot. Let it dry and place your primroses in it.


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