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Eating raw potatoes is not recommended. The potato belongs to the group of the nightshade family. All nightshade family products can cause problems. Read our blog about nightshade vegetables and be well informed. Potatoes and the Dutch kitchen are strongly linked. We are a real potato country. From baked potatoes to cooked and from the oven to raw. Raw? Hey, can you eat potatoes raw? Is Eating Raw Potato Bad?

Are Eating Raw Potatoes Bad?

Raw and green potatoes contain relatively much solanine. This is a toxic substance that can cause stomach upset and headaches. Eating raw potatoes is therefore not recommended.

As mentioned, potatoes in the Netherlands are usually eaten processed. We peel them, boil them, puree them or bake fries. In short, raw food is not really on our menu. Yet it is done and then you want to know if it is bad and what it does to your body.

Raw Potatoes Food


Relatively speaking, the potato contains a large amount of solanine and solanine is a toxic substance. This substance can cause fever, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, and headaches in excessive amounts.

Most solanine is just under the skin of the potato. So during peeling, you already remove a lot of this substance. Remove the rest during the cooking of the potato. That is why you should always throw away the cooking liquid and not use it for anything else. Read all about cooking potatoes in our cooking blog.

Are Green Potatoes Toxic?

Green potatoes are potatoes that have received a lot of light. Normally the potato grows in the ground but some are close to the surface and receive sunlight. This sunlight makes the potato green and the potato produces a lot of solanine. So the answer to the question is yes, the green potato is poisonous.

green potatoes

Potatoes can also turn green if they are damaged, have received too much sunlight or if they are stored in a place that is too cold and too humid.

Do not peel and boil the green potatoes. Just throw it away and don’t eat it.

Eating Raw Potato Against Heartburn

As can be seen from the above information, eating a raw potato is not wise due to the presence of solanine.

If you already suffer from heartburn, I advise you to use other means and/or medicines than eating a raw potato or contact your doctor.

Eating Raw Sweet Potato

The nice thing about the sweet potato is that it is not a potato at all. The sweet potato is a root vegetable. The sweet potato is also seen as a superfood.

sweet potato

Since it is not a potato and not related to the nightshade family, you can eat this potato raw. Clean the sweet potato first and peel the potato.

You can make very nice dishes with this potato. We have also written various blogs about sweet potatoes, such as making sweet potato fries, but also making sweet potato puree. For general preparation methods, you can read our blog about preparing this potato.

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