Floury Potatoes: How to Cook – Just As Easy!

Floury Potatoes
Floury Potatoes

Cooking floury potatoes is slightly different from solid potatoes. But they are always welcome in Dutch cuisine. Who doesn’t know them, the floury potato? And there are many different types: firm-boiling and floury potatoes or slightly floury. Then there are also red potatoes, sweet potatoes, baby potatoes and so on. In addition, there are of course all kinds of potatoes with specific characteristics. Our chic Opperdoes or Roseval potato or Eigenheimer.

Back to the floury potatoes that you can use for mashed potatoes, stew or casseroles. We are going to cook them now, the floury potatoes:

Cooking floury potatoes: Peel the floury potatoes and cut them into equal pieces. Add 2 inches of water to the pan and a little salt. Put the potatoes in the pan that is not submerged and put them on the fire. Put the lid on the pan and cook the floury potatoes for about 10 minutes. Pierce the potatoes to see if you think the potato is cooked enough.

It depends on the size and type of potato how long you have to cook floury potatoes.

How Long To Cook Floury Potatoes

There is a difference in cooking floury potatoes and cooking slightly floury potatoes. The difference is in the time and the amount of water. We start with floury potatoes:

When you have peeled floury potatoes, wash them for a while to rinse off any sand residue. Make sure that all potato seeds are well cut out, these are poisonous (because potato is a nightshade vegetable). You should also cut off green spots that you sometimes see on the potato. This does not disappear during cooking and it is precisely in those green spots that there is a toxic substance, just like in the kernels.

Boil the potato in a 2 cm layer of water. Because the potatoes are floury, they should not be boiled in a splash of water. It depends on the size of the potatoes how long they need to be cooked.

Small pieces can be cooked after 10 minutes, the larger pieces after 15 to 20 minutes. Always poke the potato after 10 minutes to feel how soft they are and stick with it. Prick regularly otherwise you might suddenly have potato porridge in your pan.

Drain the floury potatoes and leave them in the colander for a while to evaporate. Shake them well, then the potato will become nice and crumbly.

Cooking Something Crumbly Potatoes

You cook the slightly floury potatoes in a slightly different way. Because the core of this potato has a firm structure, you can after peeling, washing, cutting and pitting, but do well in the pan with water and add some salt.

Leave the potatoes just underwater and put the lid on the pan. Otherwise, the water will evaporate too quickly and you will end up with dry tubes. Then your tasty potatoes will burn. You should not want to. Place the lid slightly slanted on the pan to allow moisture to escape. Otherwise, the lid will clatter and water will splash out of the pan. Your entire hob will then be under….

After 15 minutes you will pierce the slightly floury potatoes and feel whether they are soft. Of course, it depends on the size of the potato when they are cooked. Small pieces are also cooked earlier than large pieces.

Drain the potato and shake it briefly to get that fine crumbly from the potato.

Floury Potato Varieties

What does that mean: floury potato varieties and which are they?

Floury potatoes are not firm and smooth after cooking, but loose and messy. We call this crumbly. The outside of these boiled floury potatoes is not even. If you cook the floury potato a little too far, the potato will fall apart, as it were. If you cook too far, you will have potato porridge when you drain it. You hear a dull thud in your colander from a pile of starch. Fallen apart, so floury potatoes.

What types are floury potatoes:

  • Doré: The Doré is really a floury potato. They are available early in the year.
  • Premiere: Slightly floury potato but also fairly firm boiling.
  • Eigenheimer is a real floury or floury potato. This is only available between August and March.
  • Alpha potatoes or the Alpha Malta potatoes are tasty floury potatoes
  • Bintje: Not sold much anymore because this potato is too vulnerable to diseases and requires a lot of pesticides to keep it ‘healthy;’ to harvest.

You can use floury potato varieties well with stew. But many people just want a dry floury potato on their plate. They are soft, fall apart easily and are also good for a ‘prakkie’, stew or potato salad.

Slightly Floury Potato Varieties

The slightly floury potatoes do not differ as much in taste as any other potato. It is often about the structure of the potato. Somewhat floury potatoes says it all. They are less floury than the real floury potatoes. At the core they have a fixed shape but on the outside, after cooking, they have a loose structure, on the outside, nice and crumbly.

What types are slightly floury potatoes:

  • Vivaldi: Delicious in salads and for baking. Firm in structure but a bit crumbly on the outside.
  • Milva: This Milva has a crumbly edge after cooking. Suitable for baking, roasting and pureeing.
  • Victoria: Used for cooking as well as frying.
  • Berber: Really a potato that is used for cooking and in a delicious salad.
  • Mona Lisa: You can use this potato for cooking, baking and frying.


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