Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken? Is it safe?

Can dogs eat raw chicken

Can dogs eat raw chicken? Many pet dog owners provide natural food rather than commercial dry food. There are also those who give it as a combination. One that is never missed is chicken meat.

Dogs are certainly safe and are allowed to eat chicken. According to the AKC, it is a good source of protein and cooked chicken can be substituted for or added to a regular diet. You can boil it first or bake it without seasoning, then serve it to your dog as a mixed food with other safe ingredients or as a snack.

Some owners choose to give raw chicken meat to dogs because it is considered more natural, healthier than cooked chicken. This is okay and is not always a problem as dogs have short digestive systems. Dogs also have a more acidic stomach acid, thus providing greater protection against bacteria. However, the owner still takes the risk to provide raw chicken meat.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken? Is it safe?

According to The Spruce Pets, if you feed raw chicken as part of your dog’s diet, there are two main risks. First, Salmonella infection. It is the most common cause of food poisoning and is found in many undercooked or undercooked foods, including chicken. These bacteria can be found in the intestines or feces of animals. If these bacteria enter the digestive system, it can cause vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, fever, and lack of appetite. This will be fatal, if the dog has a poor immune system.

Second, malnutrition. If you feed exclusively raw chicken or most of what you feed your dog, serious nutritional deficiencies will result. Chickens do not store the complete nutrition that dogs need. If not met, will suffer from various problems including fractures and organ problems. Dogs need more than just chickens to be healthy and strong.

Things to Pay Attention to in Giving Chicken to Dogs

Chickens have bones and if you feed your dog either way, there is a higher chance of bone being in the piece of chicken. Swallowed bone can cause blockages in the stomach or intestinal tract, puncture the dog’s internal organs, get caught in the throat, and potentially break teeth. Chicken bones must be removed from the chicken before you give it to the dog. Meat should also be washed thoroughly before cooking and serving.

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