Benefits of almonds

Benefits of almonds

Almonds  are  one of the most expensive nuts on the market, but the benefits they bring to the body after their  daily  consumption make the investment worthwhile. Today at  La Mansión de las Ideas  we want to talk to you precisely about its attributes and how a small dose could optimize the functions of your body.

First of all, we must take into account that almonds provide a high content of  healthy fats,  which is perfect for reducing cholesterol. They also include fibers, facilitating intestinal transit and reducing the chances of suffering from any disease related to the stomach.

But it is not all, because the almonds that you can eat daily for breakfast or as a snack in the middle of the day offer many other benefits, which we will list below.

These are the 5 benefits of almonds

1. It is perfect for reducing weight

Do you want to lose weight naturally and without complications? Eating a handful of almonds could be an ideal solution, as their satiating effects will make you feel full when consuming small amounts. Studies have shown that it is a food with a  very low calorie level,  which will facilitate weight control.

2. Its antioxidant power is more than proven

The  antioxidant  properties of almonds is another reason to include the seeds in your regular diet. Thanks to the  vitamin E  that it provides to the body in the middle of its consumption, it will prevent the oxidation of the cells,  therefore it delays aging in ways that you yourself cannot imagine. It is also important to achieve much more hydrated and cared for skin, so it will look perfect in a short time.

3. Lowers the cholesterol index and prevents diseases such as diabetes

We have already made reference to the  healthy fats  from almonds (26% polyunsaturated and 65% monounsaturated), which are responsible for reducing the level of bad cholesterol that is harmful to health. The main benefit is that the chances of suffering from cardiovascular disease will be reduced to nothing. But its effectiveness has also been demonstrated when it comes to lowering blood sugar levels, so the consumption of these nuts is recommended for diabetics.

4. It is perfect for improving intestinal transit

Eat a few almond seeds a day and you will notice in a very short time how it can help your intestinal health. The reason? Its high fiber  content will allow bowel movements without much effort, but it will also prevent suffering from constipation, ulcers, diarrhea and hemorrhoids. But that’s not all, because your almond-based diet will make the  beneficial intestinal bacteria  for health proliferate, generating an essential prebiotic effect for the proper functioning of the body.

5. Greater blood pressure control

Did you know that blood pressure can be kept under control if you consume almonds continuously? It is that these seeds contain a high content of  magnesium,  one of the most effective minerals when it comes to avoiding cardiovascular diseases.

How many almonds should you eat each day?

The amount of almonds that should be consumed per day will depend on the caloric needs  of each person. This means that consumption will not be the same for those who want to lose weight or for those who need to gain energy.

There is a trick that many apply to know exactly how many seeds they should eat on an empty stomach or during the day. It consists of taking the greatest amount of almonds with your hand and in general it would be a little more than 23, enough to offer the body the vitamins, proteins and minerals that it requires for its correct performance.

It is important to take into account that the recommended daily dose is between  15 and 30 grams. So if you want an optimal result, you will have to pay attention to these suggestions.

But almonds aren’t the only thing you can eat for a healthy body. Vegetable oils have also done the same and for you to learn more about the subject, we invite you to read our article  5 properties and benefits of consuming olive oil.

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