Are Crackers healthy

Are Crackers healthy
Are Crackers healthy

Many people regularly eat crackers as a snack. Are Crackers healthy?  Not surprising: they are nice and light and easy to snack with quickly. However, it is often forgotten that they are not all equally healthy! Especially if you eat it often, it is wise to pay attention to it a bit.

So in today’s blog, we look at how to choose the healthiest crackers! We give a few factors that you can pay attention to, and a few examples that you can definitely choose. This way you no longer have to spend hours staring at the labels in the supermarket.

Are Crackers healthy; Why eat crackers?

Crackers come in all shapes and sizes. You have white and whole-grain varieties, thick and thin, with and without seeds … So much variation clearly indicates great popularity! But what exactly makes them so popular? One of the advantages over a regular sandwich is that they contain fewer calories.

If you want to lose weight and a small snack is enough, then crackers can be a good option. In addition, you often eat them with relatively more toppings. Handy if you want to process extra proteins in your daily menu. And of course, it is possible that you simply like the texture of crackers better: after all, you don’t get a sandwich that crispy.

Are Crackers healthy

But is the nutritional value also comparable to that of bread? That depends a bit. When you choose healthy crackers, a number of things do correspond to bread. Crackers also contain carbohydrates and fiber, which is important for your energy supply and to feel full. Yet there are also differences.

One of the most important is that crackers contain less iodine. That mineral is specially added to bread to prevent the average Dutch person from eating too little of it. If you stop eating bread, it can lead to an iodine deficiency. So pay attention to this if you really love this crunchy snack!

Which crackers are the healthiest?

Although crackers are on average fairly healthy, one is of course not the other. What makes a cracker healthier than its peers? It is wise to always check the label when you are in the supermarket. In general, the less has been added, the healthier it is.

First of all, there are of course those fibers that we mentioned earlier. Whole-grain crackers contain much more of this than those made from white flour. Sugar levels also differ. Some brands add an awful lot of sugar, while others can do without. The second option is of course preferred!

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Other factors to watch out for are the amount of preservatives and possibly the presence of wheat. If you can’t tolerate that grain, rye crackers are probably a better option.

Healthy crackers

The offer is huge, but which ones now meet these conditions?

An excellent choice is, for example, Wasa sourdough rye. It is free from sugar, preservatives and wheat. With that, you know exactly that you only get the basics. Hollandia matzos are a very simple option for those who have no problem with wheat. Matzes are free of colors and flavors and contain almost no sugar.

Another option: AH Crispbread with pumpkin seeds. These do not contain wheat and have additional health benefits due to the pumpkin seeds.

  1. Wasa sourdough rye
  2. Hollandia Matze Cracker
  3. AH Crispbread pumpkin seeds

Watch the topping

A final note: crackers are often eaten with a lot of toppings. That is fine, of course – as long as toppings are actually healthy. With a thick layer of chocolate spread, you really cancel out the healthy effect a bit. Therefore, prefer healthy and natural options.

Crackers with eggs can be delicious, for example, or with roast beef and a lot of pepper. Or opt for cottage cheese and salmon, avocado and tomato, you name it… All equally delicious, and also very healthy! And of course, it is always a good idea to dive into the kitchen yourself! Online you will find all kinds of delicious recipes for crackers with seeds and kernels.

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