Aphrodisiac foods: myth or reality?

Whether it’s a myth or reality, adding so-called aphrodisiac foods (champagne, chocolate, oysters, etc.) to your evening helps create an atmosphere conducive to bonding.

Greek legend says that Aphrodite, goddess of love and sexuality, had several extramarital affairs that led to the birth of Eros (hence the origin of the word eroticism), the Greek god of love. It is even said that she emerged from the ocean on the back of an oyster to give birth to him. Oysters became a bit of a symbol of sexuality and, in honor of Aphrodite, the natural substances that stimulate one’s sexuality were simply called aphrodisiacs. Recognized effects or myth for thousands of years?

Oysters are known for their aphrodisiac properties which are believed to be due to their high content of zinc, D-aspartic acids and N-methyl-D-aspartate which promote testosterone levels in men and progesterone in women. In addition, oysters naturally contain dopamine, a neurotransmitter which governs brain activity and influences desire, in both men and women. On the other hand, pregnant women should avoid consuming raw oysters due to possible food poisoning which could have serious consequences on the fetus.


Chocolate and coffee are considered aphrodisiac foods. Both contain exciting substances that promote the secretion of endorphins, the pleasure hormone. Nothing better than ending the meal with a good chocolate fondue accompanied by an espresso! In addition to its recognized effects on the secretion of endorphins, there is also a little something sensual about tasting chocolate!


Wine and champagne, in addition to enhancing the evening, would also fall into the category of aphrodisiacs with a notable action on disinhibition. It is this disinhibitory effect that modifies behavior and for some, increases sexual desire. Be careful, too much alcohol would have the opposite effect, because alcohol is a depressant and could make you sleep like a baby! Since alcohol has a wide spectrum of conflicting effects, you probably know your limit. Current recommendations suggest three drinks per day for men and two drinks per day for women.


Let’s note ginger . You can also cook with coriander and/or chili peppers (not to be confused with peppers) which are both excellent aphrodisiacs. There is enough to make an excellent Asian stir-fry by incorporating all these ingredients! On the vegetable side, asparagus and artichoke are part of this category, so they can be excellent choices for accompaniments on the plate.

Finally, certain substances have effects recognized from a biochemical point of view and would allow the secretion of the pleasure hormone. Other foods have been associated with sexuality and desire over the years without triggering reactions in our body. The atmosphere has a big role to play and contributes to increased sexual desire. If you organize a nice romantic dinner for your man or your sweetheart, and whether or not you include aphrodisiac foods, you already have a better chance of having fun under the covers! But it’s fun sometimes to get caught up in the game!


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