9 pocket tips for housewives

Standard soup time to boil eggs

Cooking is a very interesting job. However, you will find your cooking even more enjoyable with the following tips:

1. Standard soup time to boil eggs

Can you boil eggs as you like? It’s very simple if you take the time to look at the clock:

– 6 minutes: peach heart

– 9 minutes: medium cooked

– 12 minutes: evenly cooked

2. Use a little cooking oil to coat the crust

If you use flour to coat the cake, it will be very dry. Therefore, you should put oil on your hands when squeezing the dough to avoid this situation.

3. Boil eggs with a little salt to keep them from breaking

Boiling broken eggs will not taste good. To fix it, put in a pot of boiling eggs with little salt.

4. Squeeze the tomato between two plastic lids

This method will be similar to how you use a blender to grind. Very fast, isn’t it?

5. Grind lemon juice in a blender

The blender used for a long time will have odors and stains. If you use ground lemon juice in the machine for a while, you will be really surprised with the effect it brings.

6. Use a straw to remove the strawberry roll

If you want to get the core of the western string the fastest, use a straw to stab it straight from the stem.

7. Put a glass of water in the microwave

This will prevent the cake from drying out when baking if you don’t know the correct temperature for each type of cake.

8. Use thread to cut the cake if you don’t have a knife

You want to cut a beautiful cake but don’t have a cake cutter available. So why not try using it?

9. Put the powder in the ketchup bottle to make pancake

Is making pancakes easy? Of course, if you pour the powder into the ketchup bottle and so on, you will have a delicious and beautiful batch of cakes.

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