In which season and month does eggplant grow? When to eat eggplant?


AubergineWith its both delicious and beneficial content, it is one of the vegetables used and loved in many different dishes and appetizers. Eggplant can be easily used in dishes such as stews, as it increases the nutritional value of the dishes made with its high fiber and vitamin content. Eggplant, which can be used in yoghurt appetizers by cooking on embers, is much more beneficial if consumed in season. If you are wondering in which months and seasons aubergine is grown in our country, which is produced around the world and used in meals, you can read our news. Organic eggplants produced in the right region and in places suitable for the climate can be consumed in an extremely delicious way. “Which season does eggplant grow, when is it eaten?” compiled with details.

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