Using Kratom for Migraines

Kratom for Migraines

Introduction to Using Kratom for Migraines

Migraines are a serious health condition that continues to affect numerous people globally. For those suffering from unfortunate migraine symptoms have typically tried many traiditional methods, but to no avail. Unfortunately, migraines are a very tricky health condition to be afflicted by, and may even never be treated in some cases! However, in recent years, many people have begun to turn to using kratom as a potential substitute for any symptoms that are typically felt with migraines. To understand the interactions between kratom and migraines, it is imperative that you are fully educated in both the plant as well as the health condition to find out if kratom can be a suitable alternative for you to undergo regarding migraines.

Overview of Migraines

Migraines are typically characterized as intense headaches (denoted as neurological disorders). The difference between migraines and regular headaches lies behind the frequency and intensity of these migraines. Migraines are often felt on one side of the head through intense throbbing pain. Furthermore, these migraines occur regularly and will typically debilitate simple daily tasks for many people suffering from this condition. We have detailed symptoms of migraines below in more detail to help paint the picture of how serious migraines are for everyday people.

Symptoms of Migraines

Differing from headaches, migraines usually come with a multitude of symptoms, which we have detailed below. We wanted to note that these are simply just the most common symptoms, however, there are many additional hidden effects that affect people on a case by case basis.

Intense Pain: Experiencing intense pain during migraines is one of the most common tell tale signs of undergoing chronic migraines. The pain is usually localized to a site on the head, and the pain can last for a long while, ranging from a few hours to even days.

Auras: Some people also show effects of undergoing auras, better known as visual disturbances that your eyes can conjure up. The shapes of the visual auras typically come in the form of flickering lights, blind spots or zigzag patterns

Nausea and Vomiting: Another unfortunate, but common symptom of migraines is potential nausea and vomiting within some patients. This is usually due to the fact that migraines cause gastrointestinal symptoms in some people as well.

Light and Sound Sensitivity: When people are undergoing migraines, they are typically extremely sensitive to bright lights or large sounds.

Fatigue and Weakness: Many people that experience these migraines also undergo fatigue and weakness in their body, which adds further to the debilitating symptoms that affect people living out their normal lives

Dizziness: Lastly, many people affected by migraines will also experience dizziness, and in some cases, even vertigo

Migraine Triggers

There are many different triggers that can potentially cause migraine attacks. Please note that while this list shows the most common triggers, it is not a one-size fits all list, and the triggers of migraine do typically change from person to person.

Stress: Large amounts of either emotional or physical stress can potentially lead to migraine attacks due to the added strain this puts on your bodies and increased tension.

Hormonal Changes: In some cases during menstruation or menopause, migraine attacks can form from these hormonal changes within the body

Diet: There are certain foods to avoid if you are prone to migraines. SOme of these include cheese, processed meats, alcohol and stimulants, such as coffee.

Setting: Migraines can be triggered from small changes in your setting, such as simple lights, noises or odors. Likewise, larger macro-scale triggers in settings can also trigger migraine attacks. These include weather or altitude changes as well as temperature changes at a frequent level.

Sleep: Lastly, an infrequent sleep pattern, or even too much sleep for some, can cause migraines in some individuals.

Migraine Effects

After reading all of the migraine triggers, it is important to know exactly what migraines do to people afflicted by this serious physical condition. Some of these effects include disruptions to your daily activities, reduced productivity in either studies or white collar jobs, mental health instability and lastly financial burden due to either missed days or treatment payments.

The Use of Kratom for Migraines

After reading all of the many triggers and harmful effects of migraines, many have sought out less traditional methods in curing migraines after failing to treat their symptoms through more traditional medicine. Because of this, many consumers have started to turn to kratom for treating their migraine attacks – with great success as well!

When using kratom to treat migraines, you may feel effects of pain relief, mood enhancement, relaxation and anti-inflammatory properties. The analgesic properties within the kratom plant would make sure to target opiate receptors in your brain to maximize pain relief within individuals. Because kratom also has many relaxing effects, these play a great role in improving your mood due to either less severe migraine attacks, or less frequent migraines altogether.

User Experiences In Using Kratom for Migraines

As the popularity of kratom continues to grow within users, many kratom users have begun to document their journey in taking the leap into the world of kratom to treat their condition. It is clear that there are certain strains, such as red and green vein maeng da kratom powder (or even kratom tea), that provide the most relieving effects within consumers that are using kratom for pain relief. Additionally, for those using kratom, they have measured that there is a notable measure of reduced pain and shortened duration of migraine attacks.

It is important to note, however, that these are merely individual anecdotes. It is always best to wait for more scientific evidence to provide conclusive evidence, but many users have definitely shown improvements within using kratom for migraines.

If you are considering using kratom for any migraine-related effects, it is important to choose the best kratom vendors. You can typically measure these kratom vendors by looking up customer testimonials as well as reading lab reports that exist on their website.


While migraines affect many people’s day to day lives, there are still non-traditional methods that are helpful in treating symptoms. Many consumers have turned to kratom for their migraines, while reporting great effects. The main symptom benefits that kratom provides span pain relief, anxiety relief, mood enhancement and anti-inflammatory effects. When looking to use kratom for any migraine attacks, it is always important to perform your necessary research around the plant and choose the best kratom vendor for your need.

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