Diet for increased libido


  • Causes of low libido
  • Sample menu for increasing libido
    • Breakfast to increase libido
    • Lunch for potency and good libido
    • Snack
    • The dinner of potent people
  • Good habits to increase libido

Your libido can be boosted thanks to some foods, products and spices that we include in our daily menu. Turbulent passions in bed are guaranteed if you get your partner’s plate right , and yours too.

This is one of the ways to overcome the so-called syndrome of the tired housewife and syndrome of business fatigue , which are often the cause of the underestimated sexual interest in our loved one.

Against a decrease in sexual potency, a well-balanced menu, including all products useful for the body, can easily overcome the routine reluctance to have sex and turn it into a real pleasure for men and women.

Causes of low libido

One of the main reasons for the lack of sexual desire is hypoglycemia, which is a sharp decrease in blood sugar. This happens when our body is oversaturated with carbohydrates. The result – reluctance to have sex, emotional exhaustion, irritability, even depression.

The solution to this considerable problem is one: daily limit the intake of fats at the expense of products rich in cellulose. Eat freely fruits, vegetables, prefer meat and fish. Give your partner foods rich in zinc, because the deficiency of this trace element can lead to prostatitis and impotence.

This is precisely the advice of the specialists who have developed a whole collection of rules for sexual eating habits . It is important to eat small portions often, at least five.

Sample menu for increasing libido

Breakfast to increase libido

Boiled egg, skim milk and fresh fruit, cottage cheese, bean dishes, rye bread, herbal tea or decaffeinated coffee.

The second breakfast is without pasta. Maybe yogurt with fruit or tomato juice again.

Lunch for potency and good libido

Rye bread, fresh vegetable salad, cottage cheese, lentil soup , fish or chicken, fruit or fruit juice.


Fresh fruits and nuts, preferably walnuts. Or any raw bars .

The dinner of potent people

Big seasonal salad, fish or chicken again, baked potato, fresh corn, rice, fresh fruit.

Sixth meal, if you get very hungry in the evening, may consist of fresh fruit and skim milk.

Good habits to increase libido

This is just an example diet for increasing libido . To deal with the problem, you need to move actively and treat yourself to walks in the sun every day.

Sometimes the problem of low libido can be psychological. Then you should talk to your partner and seek help from a therapist.

Meanwhile, in addition to a special diet for high libido, you can also rely on aphrodisiacs.


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