How to store pomelo

How to store pomelo

In an unpeeled form, the pomelo can retain its juiciness and freshness for a long time. For this type of fruit, special conditions are practically not needed, and the main nuance is the creation of the most favorable temperature regime. It is important not to overcool the fruit or place it near open sources of heat.

How to store pomelo at home:

  • for long-term storage, pomelo fruits with a smooth skin are suitable, on which there are no damages, dents or traces of diseases;
  • brown dots or uneven color of the skin are reasons not only for refusing to store pomelo, but also for buying such fruits;
  • overripe pomelo cannot be stored for a long time, it is better to eat them immediately after purchase (the fruit must be ripe, but not spoiled);
  • unripe pomelo should not be placed in the refrigerator (it is better to place the fruits in the refrigerator only after they are fully ripe, if it is possible to avoid buying an unripe pomelo, then it is better to give preference to ripe fruits);
  • the fact that the pomelo is not ripe is evidenced by spots of yellow or green color on its surface (the peel of such a fruit is hard);
  • if you lightly lubricate the skin of the pomelo with vegetable oil, then its shelf life will last a little, and the oil film will stop the loss of moisture by the fruit;
  • peeled pomelo in the refrigerator must be stored in a closed container or using cling film (the shelf life in this case will be insignificant, so it is better to buy small fruits and eat them immediately);
  • a senseless procedure is freezing pomelo (fruits are eaten only fresh, and after freezing, their consistency and juiciness will radically change);
  • the long shelf life and the absence of the need to create special conditions for this are due to the presence of a thick skin on the pomelo, which retains the juiciness of the pulp and does not allow moisture to quickly evaporate;
  • there is no need to buy a lot of pomelo for long-term storage (these fruits are not considered a shortage, and it is not difficult to find them in stores, therefore they must be purchased individually and eaten as soon as possible);
  • if you wrap the pomelo in paper, then for a long time the fruit will remain juicy;
  • under the influence of sunlight (like other citrus fruits), the pomelo not only dries quickly, but begins to deteriorate;
  • often you can see dried pomelo on store shelves, which is considered a kind of alternative to fresh fruits (such preparations can be made independently, but they are stored for a year).

How much and at what temperature to store the pomelo

In the refrigerator (at a temperature not lower than 0 degrees and not higher than +8 degrees), unpeeled pomelo can be stored for 3-4 weeks. In this case, it is worth considering the fact that the lower the temperature regime, the faster the fruit will lose its juiciness. Place the pomelo separately from other fruits in the fruit storage compartment. A kind of partition can be made of newspaper or paper.

At room temperature (up to +20 degrees), the pomelo can be stored for several months . It is important to exclude direct sunlight and not place the fruit close to other fruits. Apples, for example, are known to accelerate the ripening processes of most varieties of vegetables or fruits. It is necessary to place the pomelo in the darkened areas of the apartment and do not use additional packaging so that oxygen is constantly supplied to the fetus.

The cleaned pomelo is not stored for long. The fruit should be eaten within 24 hours. After 1 day, even when stored in the refrigerator, the fruit pulp becomes dry, and the taste is significantly deteriorated. You can extend the shelf life of peeled fruits to three days with the help of cling film.

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