How Long Do Cats Live? You Must Know

How long do cats live

How long do cats live? When you have a cat, you may fall in love and want to live with it, grow old together. Unfortunately, this is difficult to achieve because cats have a shorter lifespan than humans. However, this is not as short as you think, really.

Generally, cats can be 10 to 20 years old. Just like humans, cats also have several life stages ranging from children (birth to 1 year), young adults or adolescents (ages 1 to 6 years), adulthood (ages 7 to 10 years), and old age (over age). than 10 years).

This average age certainly has factors that influence it. Several factors make cats live long, such as health care, diet, environment, and diet. Cats that are neutered or neutered also tend to live longer because the neutering process can prevent reproductive disease and the cat is calmer. Cats who diet on their diet also tend to be healthier so they avoid obesity.

Reporting from, research shows that mixed breed cats are generally tougher and live longer than purebred cats. Gender also affects age. Female cats can live one to two years longer than male cats.

Then according to the place of residence, domestic cats can live three times longer than feral cats. This is because domestic cats receive more attention on health and nutritional food intake than feral cats who never pay attention to it. Domestic cats generally live 14 to 20 years.

Meanwhile, feral cats can only survive from 3 to 10 years. This is due to the risks they face during their free life in the dangerous outdoors. These risks can be in the form of skin diseases, digestive diseases, fights, to accidents.

When you have a pet cat that you love dearly, its life expectancy must mean a lot to you. You need to pay attention to every condition of his health and give him love so that he can live a long life.

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