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Lily Flowers

Attracting attention with its pleasant appearance, the lily flower is almost indispensable for wedding ceremonies with its magnificent beauty. For this reason, it is also known as the bride’s flower among the people. Fascinating with its unique scent, this flower also adorns homes, balconies, and gardens.

Lilies Knew lily flower, belonging to the Liliaceae family. The lily, which does not need direct sunlight, beautifies even dark houses with its elegant flowers. The roots of this flower, which is a perennial plant, develop horizontally. It has a long, graceful body.

This plant, which sprouts in April, begins to flower between May and July. It is these yellow, orange, red, white, and pink flowers that make the lily really beautiful.

Lily, which is a durable flower type, can be easily grown at home. If you want to beautify your home with lilies, this article is for you. Here is lily flower care with all its details…

Necessary Materials for Growing Lily Flowers

The meaning of lily is so beautiful; It symbolizes nobility, fertility, strength, and purity. Thanks to these features, this magnificent flower finds a place for itself in homes. If you want to grow lilies at home, we should say from the beginning that you will need a few materials. But don’t let that scare you! Because you can easily obtain materials from florists or home supply stores.

Necessary materials for growing lily flowers at home:

  • medium pot
  • garden soil
  • peat
  • lily bulb

How to Grow Lily Flowers at Home?

Lily flowers can be easily grown in any room of the house or on the balcony. This pleasant-looking flower does not need direct sunlight. This feature makes it easy to grow at home.

  • To grow lily flowers, you must first obtain lily bulbs.
  • Mix equal amounts of garden soil and peat.
  • Put this mixture you prepared in a medium-sized pot. The mixture should be placed halfway up the pot.
  • Plant the lily bulb in this pot whose soil you have prepared specially, with the sprout side up.
  • After planting the lily bulb, you should water it regularly every day. That is all!
  • The best time to plant lily bulbs is the autumn season. This beautiful plant needs to be watered regularly every day after planting. The lily plant usually blooms in summer.
  • You can propagate the lily seed by rooting. For this, plant the lily flower that you separated from the root part in another pot. If you continue to do the normal maintenance and watering of the lily you have separated, you can see that it grows and blooms in a short time.
  • April is the best time to propagate lily seeds.

How to Care for Lily Flowers?


  • The lily is an easy-to-care flower. It does not need direct sunlight. Therefore, it can be easily grown even in dark houses.
  • However, it does not like very cold and very hot environments. The draft field cannot develop healthily in environments that are very cold in winter and very hot in summer.


  • The lily flower needs to be watered regularly. The soil should be constantly moist.
  • It can be watered every two days.
  • However, it is beneficial to increase the frequency and amount of irrigation on hot summer days. However, excessive watering can cause the plant to die. Therefore, you should avoid over-watering.


  • The temperature of the environment where the lily flower is located should be between 21 and 25 degrees.
  • In order for the flower to grow in a healthy way, it is recommended to be ventilated for 3-4 hours a day.

What are the types of lilies?

There are many varieties of lilies. 110 species of a lily flower worldwide is known that there are. Among these, the most preferred lily species for cultivation are:

  • Madonna lily: It enchants people with its magnificent scent. White lily is the most preferred and most widely used lily. Available in almost every flower shop.
  • Spotted Lily: It is a species admired by everyone with its unique beauty. There are two types; Black spots on orange flowers or brown spots on white leaves.
  • Purple Lily: This type of lily is considered a sign of nobility. It has large leaves.
  • Sand Lily: It is a rare species. For this reason, it is protected worldwide.
  • Trabzon Lily: This type of lily is unique to our country. It is only seen in Turkey. There are two types, yellow or red.

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