Are apricots healthy?

Are apricots healthy
Are apricots healthy

Are apricots healthy? Yes, Apricots are not only tasty but also healthy. The apricot is a drupe, which originates from China. Today they grow and bloom mainly in Mediterranean countries. Apricots are low-calorie, but high-fiber fruits. This allows you to consume quite a bit of it before it threatens to become unhealthy. You can eat fresh apricots straight away, but you can also opt for the dried variety. In addition, unsulphurised apricots are also available. These have only been dried and not treated afterward. They have therefore gone through a completely natural process and are therefore brown or black in color.

Are apricots healthy? Rich in Vitamin E.

Apricots are rich in vitamin E, which protects the body against disease. For example, it has been scientifically shown that a high level of vitamin E in the blood helps prevent diseases. In addition, vitamin E also ensures that the free radicals in the body are not damaged. Free radicals can, for example, be damaged by smoking or excessive drinking. By eating a lot of apricots and therefore getting a lot of vitamin E, the free radicals are protected. Apricots, therefore, have a good effect on your health. In other words, apricots are healthy.

Apricots also protect the body against various forms of cancer. This is because apricots contain a certain antioxidant: provitamin A. The provitamin ensures that the development of cancer cells is counteracted. Pro-vitamin A also contributes to healthy skin. Another important nutrient is iron, and apricots are rich in it. Iron is important for transporting oxygen through the blood.

Blood pressure

Not only do apricots ensure that oxygen is better distributed throughout the body, but they also ensure that blood pressure is lowered. This is because of the potassium that apricots contain. Many people suffer from high blood pressure due to stress, eating incorrectly or a combination thereof. If you feel that you also suffer from this, feel free to take some apricots. You will notice that you will start to feel a little better every time. Apricots are also a good choice for anemia or anemia because they contain enough copper.

Intestinal problems

Apricots work against intestinal problems and make you less likely to get sick. In addition, it contains all kinds of good nutrients that have various positive effects on your health, such as provitamin A, iron, potassium, and vitamin E. Apricots are in fact quite healthy. Make sure you eat about 1 to 2 handfuls full of apricots every day and you will notice that any intestinal problems or high blood pressure symptoms will quickly ease.


In addition to the fact that apricot is tasty, it is also healthy! It contains many vitamins and minerals and is good for your intestines and blood pressure. In addition, it also helps against cataracts and anemia. That is why this fruit is sometimes considered a superfood.


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