Foods to Raise Hdl Cholesterol and Healthy Tips

Hdl Cholesterol

For those who think whether HDL cholesterol is good or bad ; We are here with an article that will bring clarity. In this article, where those who take care of their health meet, we have included the subject of HDL cholesterol high and low , which is one of the most curious subjects !

Cholesterol, which is found in animal foods and sometimes in plant foods, is a substance that affects health. It is mentioned in two different types of medicine. On this page, we will be examining HDL cholesterol , which is divided into 2 groups, HDL and LDL .

Let’s see what is the effect of HDL cholesterol on human health? We are starting our article where we will start with the question of what HDL cholesterol means and touch on the high level of HDL cholesterol!

What is Hdl Cholesterol?

  • Hdl cholesterol is a type of good cholesterol.
  • It stands for high density lipoprotein .
  • It undertakes the task of transporting cholesterol, which is beneficial for the body, from tissues and vessels to the liver.
  • When it fulfills its duty, it prevents heart diseases.
  • Depending on the age and gender of each person, the level of HDL cholesterol is determined in different numbers. These figures are determined by both the lifestyle of the person and the foods they prefer at meals.
  • HDL cholesterol can be controlled through diet, just like vitamins and minerals . When taken under control, it is protected from many diseases.

How to Raise Hdl Cholesterol? 7 Nutrition Tips, Healthy Tips

If HDL cholesterol is low , some health problems may occur. We will give you some tips to take precautions against these health problems well in advance. You can balance HDL cholesterol with small changes in both nutrition and lifestyle. According to the information from the pen of the experts, listen to this information to keep the HDL cholesterol level at the ideal level!

1) You Should Quit Smoking

  • One of the numerous harms of smoking is that it lowers the HDL cholesterol value.
  • At the end of this chain, it also invites cardiovascular diseases .
  • You can bring the HDL cholesterol level to the best rates by quitting smoking.
  • As a result of the researches, while the HDl level of non-smokers is at a healthier level; The HDl level of smokers has dropped to a critical level.
  • Consuming cigarettes for many years also lowers HDL cholesterol, as it will cause vascular occlusion.

2) You Should Exercise Regularly

  • Sports, which are recommended and must be done for a healthy life, are also effective in keeping HDL cholesterol high .
  • Being physically active is beneficial for all your blood values ​​and organs.
  • An increase in HDL level is observed with intense sports .
  • If you are one of those who say they don’t have time to do sports; If you do not neglect your daily walks, you can control the HDL level.

3) Use Olive Oil in Meals

  • Trans fat consumption threatens the health of all organs. Trans fats reduce HDL cholesterol levels.
  • By adding natural extra virgin olive oil to meals and salads, you will fulfill the rule of healthy eating.
  • Olive oil, one of the heart-friendly foods, will help you increase HDL cholesterol.
  • The habit of adding olive oil to the meals of people of all ages, especially the elderly, positively supports HDL cholesterol.

4) Reduce Carbs

  • One of the problems that people who eat a heavy carbohydrate diet will encounter is low HDL cholesterol.
  • Those who eat carbohydrate-heavy diets are more prone to diabetes, obesity and heart diseases. The way to prevent this situation and bring HDL cholesterol to good values ​​is to stay away from white flour.
  • You can choose low-carbohydrate foods to stay away from heart diseases and an unhealthy life.

5) Reach Your Ideal Weight

  • Low HDL observed with weight gain invites many diseases.
  • Excess weight, which causes cardiovascular diseases, gives you a stressful life for many years. You can make healthy choices and control the HDL level to fight against this unpleasant situation.
  • If you cannot lose weight on your own; With the help of a dietitian, you can protect your entire body.
  • You can solve many problems on the way to reach the ideal weight. While raising HDL cholesterol and protecting your heart health, you can also break insulin resistance.

6) Fish at least 2 days a week!

  • There is another way to keep HDL cholesterol at the ideal level. Consuming fish twice a week!
  • Experts recommend that you consume oily fish in the oven or on the grill.
  • If you ask why I should choose oily fish; The acids found in fatty fish protect heart health more effectively. It is more successful in protecting vessels and cells.
  • You can choose sardines, tuna or salmon to increase the HDL level.

7) Consume Omega 3 Weighted Snacks

  • It is recommended to have a snack in order not to reduce the HDL level . The foods you prefer for snacks should be of the type that will protect your cardiovascular health.
  • Instead of fast food or packaged products , foods such as hazelnuts, peanuts and walnuts, which are rich in omega 3 oils, should be preferred.
  • Not only snacks, but also foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids such as spinach, avocado, leek, green plants and purslane should be consumed.
  • When you consume the recommended healthy snacks with milk or sugar-free drinks, HDL cholesterol will be in good hands!

How Much Should Hdl Cholesterol Be? Reference Range by Gender

The hdl cholesterol reference range is examined in different numbers according to men and women. We have included these figures, which also change depending on age, in our article for those who are curious. For those who say how much HDL cholesterol should be, we have added the table of ideal numbers. If a result of the blood test is more extreme than these numbers; We recommend that you talk to your doctor.

In men:

  • Below 40 mg/dL: Low
  • Between 40 mg/dL – 60 mg/dL: Good
  • Above 60 mg/dL: Better

In women:

  • Below 50 mg/dL: Low
  • Between 50 mg/dL – 60 mg/dL: Good
  • Above 60 mg/dL: Better

What to Do If Hdl Cholesterol Is Low?

You can measure the HDL cholesterol level in the hospital environment with expert guidance. For measurements you need to give a blood test. If you experience low cholesterol; Don’t forget these suggestions:

  • If your doctor is supplementing with drugs for low HDL cholesterol; You should use your medicines regularly.
  • You have to move from a sedentary life to a more active one.
  • You should quit smoking and alcohol habits.
  • You should have meals with lots of vegetables and fruits.
  • Instead of packaged products, you should turn to natural products.
  • Since low HDL cholesterol can cause heart disease, you should stay away from very fatty and salty foods.

What Does High Hdl Cholesterol Mean?

Low HDL cholesterol can cause health problems, while high levels can cause some problems. Ideal figures need to be maintained. There may be moments when you say why HDL cholesterol is high as a result of the blood test. To give a more descriptive answer to this question;

  • High HDL cholesterol is not a cause for concern, but; It is known that in very high numbers, the wall in the vessel narrows.
  • The narrowing experienced in the intravascular wall; It indicates that there is a problem in the metabolism of HDL particles.
  • High HDL cholesterol value can cause various diseases as it affects the general metabolism.
  • HDL cholesterol, which is measured in extremes rather than ideal numbers, can often threaten health. For this reason, it is recommended to do a blood test from time to time and have cholesterol levels checked.

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