Five foods that purify the blood naturally

Five foods that purify the blood

There are different foods, such as turmeric, that clean the blood and promote cardiovascular health.

The blood carries oxygen and various nutrients to the cells of the body, which is why it becomes essential for the good health of the organism.

According to the Mejor con Salud portal, humans have approximately 4.5 and 6 liters of blood. It also explains that 55% is plasma, that is, the liquid part made up of water, mineral salts and proteins. Red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets make up the other 45%.

In this sense, it is important to take care of the appearance of the blood through purification, which is why food becomes a great ally to achieve it, such as garlic, which is considered a natural antibiotic with great benefits. to the body, including the immune system.

However, this is not the only food to purify the blood, since the Soy Vida portal discloses a compilation of foods for this purpose. It is important to mention that before making a change in diet, the best option is to consult with a health professional.


Beetroot is one of the most recommended options so that the blood is always healthy. It also helps the liver to be healthy, which is in charge of filtering and discarding substances that can travel through the bloodstream.


As is well known, most of the human body is made up of water, which is why it is essential to always stay hydrated. This liquid helps maintain the PH of the blood and eliminate toxins without much effort.

Coriander leaves

Coriander allows to purify the blood, because it helps to eliminate mercury and other heavy metals from the organism. Likewise, chlorophyll will allow the blood to detoxify, according to the Soy Vida portal .


According to several studies, the liver produces more enzymes from lemon juice, that is, it manages to stimulate liver functions, which is why it facilitates liver functions.


Turmeric is characterized by being a natural detoxifier, which manages to produce enzymes in the body, managing to cleanse the blood quickly. In addition, turmeric is also used for different aspects of health.

Three natural drinks for blood circulation

There are multiple methods to improve blood circulation and, in this way, the body stays away from these painful pathologies. For example, the specialized portal Mejor con Salud listed some drinks that contribute to this objective:

Grapefruit and blackberries

Ingredients: a grapefruit (200 g), two glasses of water (200 ml), a quarter cup of blackberries (25 g) and a tablespoon of grated fresh ginger.


  • Cut the grapefruit in half and extract the juice from each of its parts.
  • Wash the blackberries and if you have root ginger, grate it.
  • Put all the ingredients in the blender along with two glasses of water.
  • Process until you get a lump-free mixture.
  • Consume immediately.

Pineapple, watermelon, cherries and ginger

Ingredients: a quarter of a watermelon (300 g), half a glass of water (125 ml), half a cup of cherries (50 g), two slices of pineapple (250 g) and a piece of fresh ginger (10 g).


  • Peel the pineapple and cut it into slices.
  • Wash the cherries, remove the stems and remove the seeds.
  • The skin of the watermelon should also be removed along with the seeds.
  • Place all the ingredients in the blender with half a glass of water.
  • Process until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.
  • Serve without straining and consume.

Carrot, pineapple, celery and parsley

Ingredients: a slice of pineapple, two celery sticks (25 g), a sprig of fresh parsley, a glass of water (250 ml) and three small carrots (30 g).


  • Wash, peel and cut the carrots and celery into pieces.
  • Peel the pineapple and cut it into slices.
  • Put all the ingredients in the blender together with the parsley and a glass of water.
  • Process until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.
  • Serve and consume.

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