What is Water Kefir? How is it done? 5 Amazing Benefits

What is Water Kefir

The role of kefir in gut health has been on the agenda for years. First of all, let’s make a short reminder for those who say what is kefir. It is a slightly viscous sour liquid that is formed as a result of fermenting milk with a special yeast . Kefir is obtained from milk as well as from water in recent years.

Kefir, which supports the healthy functioning of the intestines, is frequently consumed in North Caucasian countries. Now, on this page, we will talk about water kefir, which is one of the types of kefir.

Kefir, which you can use in many recipes, plays a role in digesting foods more easily. When it comes to water kefir, you will learn information that will surprise you. You can get detailed information about the benefits of water kefir in these lines. If you care about kefir consumption, you can now get to know water kefir closely.

Here is the water kefir we have compiled for you, how to make it easily at home and what are its little-known benefits for health, we explain all of them with quality information!

What is Water Kefir?

  • The product formed by adding kefir yeast to sugar water is called water kefir.
  • Water kefir is a slightly carbonated fermented beverage. Water kefir, which is rich in probiotic substances and beneficial for intestinal health, has become a frequently consumed beverage for healthy nutrition in recent years.
  • The country where water kefir is most widely used is Mexico. In Mexico it is known as tibi or tibicus.
  • Pineapple juice, and raw sugar fermented kefir given name tapach A is.
  • Water kefir has been a useful beverage prepared in various ways and consumed during the day to protect intestinal health.
  • In order for water kefir to ferment completely, it needs to rest between 24 and 48 hours.
  • Discovered after 1800, water kefir is a very popular beverage of the last days.

How to Make Water Kefir?

For those who say how to get water kefir, let’s give information about how to make water kefir step by step. You can also take a look at the story of sugar water going through the fermentation process!


  • 2 apricots or figs
  • Quarter cup of active water kefir grains
  • 1 liter of water
  • Quarter cup of sugar
  • glass jar

Preparation of:

  • In order for the water kefir to ferment, first clean the glass jar well.
  • First, add the sugar into the cleaned glass jar. Drop the kefir grains on the sugar.
  • Add the dried figs or apricots into the jar.
  • Fill approximately 1 liter of water into the jar and wrap the lid of the jar with cling film.
  • Leave this jar for 24 hours in a cool, dark place. After the last 24 hours, shake the jar a little. This will increase the fermentation rate.
  • After 48 hours, strain the mixture in the jar and transfer it to a different glass container.
  • The liquid filtered through the strainer is a beneficial beverage called water kefir. You can use this drink by keeping it in a cool place.

So, How to Store Water Kefir?

  • Water kefir, which can stay in the refrigerator for 1 month, will preserve the quality of the yeast.
  • It is recommended to make water kefir again, as it will lose its effect after waiting for more than 1 month.

Water Kefir Benefits: 5 Features You Didn’t Know About

1) Eases Digestion, Soothes Stomach

  • Water kefir contains probiotics from Lactobacillus and Lactococcus species.
  • Thanks to the probiotics in its structure, they help to clean the intestines from parasites.
  • By balancing stomach acids, it helps to digest food more easily and relax the stomach.
  • To prevent intestinal diseases, you can prepare water kefir at home and consume it regularly.

2) Strengthens Body Resistance

  • Studies on water kefir state that this drink is very beneficial for the immune system.
  • Water kefir, which strengthens the body’s defense mechanism against viral infections and skin problems, supports you to live away from diseases.
  • If you have a structure that is frequently affected by seasonal changes, you can consume water kefir.
  • Water kefir, which reduces the effect of bacteria and microbes entering the body, is a useful beverage with medicinal properties.

3) Accelerates Metabolism and Fat Burning

  • You cannot lose weight directly by consuming water kefir; but you can speed up the weight loss process.
  • Thanks to this probiotic drink, you can start fat burning by increasing the metabolic rate.
  • Water kefir, which helps food to be digested more easily, also prevents edema in the body.
  • You can meet your beverage needs in diet meals with natural water kefir.

4) Protective Against Cancer

  • Water kefir is among the natural products that protect against cancer. Water kefir protects your body from cancerous cells.
  • Water kefir, which increases the resistance of the body where cancerous cells try to spread, prevents the spread of cancer.
  • Thanks to water kefir, which has an antioxidant effect, you can have a cancer-free life.
  • Water kefir can take its place in your kitchen as a beverage that builds a wall against many types of cancer.

5) It Is A Healthy Drink For Snacks

  • Today, consumption of acidic and sugary drinks causes obesity. You can make healthy choices by consuming water kefir instead of such drinks.
  • Thanks to the minerals in water kefir, you will also prevent problems such as bloating and indigestion.
  • If you prefer water kefir in your diet meals and snacks, you will protect your body against weight gain and various diseases.

Water Kefir Harms and Side Effects

Those who meet water kefir for the first time may be worried about the harms of water kefir. No side effects of water kefir have been observed so far. But:

  • Those who have a problem with the immune system should consult their doctor before consuming water kefir.
  • As a result of excessive consumption, it can cause stomach pain and intestinal problems. Therefore, moderation is recommended.

How is Water Kefir Yeast Made and Obtained?

Kefir yeast is required to produce water kefir. So how is this yeast obtained?

  • Water kefir needs sugar to ferment.
  • While preparing water kefir, some residues will remain on your hands during the straining process. These residues are called water kefir yeast.
  • You can save these tiny remnants for your next water kefir making.
  • Depending on the purpose of use, you can melt the water kefir yeast and make a new water kefir.

Are Water Kefir and Milk Kefir Different?

Kefir is generally known as a substance derived from milk. Thanks to this article, many people learned that water kefir is also available.

So, is water kefir and milk kefir the same? Are there any differences? Let’s take a look!

  • The beneficial minerals in the milk itself are not found in water kefir, so water kefir has a lower nutritional value than milk kefir.
  • Water kefir contains more sugar than milk kefir.
  • Water kefir is a more useful beverage than milk kefir because it contains gas and sugar peculiar to itself.
  • Water kefir contains vitamin D and calcium, while water kefir does not contain these minerals.
  • The number of beneficial bacteria in milk kefir is almost twice that of water kefir.
  • Therefore, water kefir and milk kefir are two different types of kefir in your kitchen.

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