World Popcorn Day: The Most Enjoyable Movie Accompaniment!

World Popcorn Day

January 19 World Popcorn Day

Popcorn, an indispensable taste of pleasant conversations, movie hours, movie days and picnics, is consumed fondly in many parts of the world. It was so popular that a special day was declared for popcorn. January 19 is celebrated as Popcorn Day every year. You can find out what this pleasant and entertaining day means and the curious information about the day by reading this article.

You can accompany this celebration day by getting inspired by the various popcorn recipes carefully prepared by Yummy Recipes! Popcorn Day, January 19 , will accompany joyful moments in every home and community where it is celebrated. Let’s get to know Popcorn Day, which has international importance, better together!

What is the Importance of January 19 Popcorn Day?

Popcorn has a unique taste and is a very popular snack for many people. Thanks to Popcorn Day on January 19, the unique taste and recognition of popcorn has reached various parts of the world. January 19, Popcorn Day, celebrated as a universal day, is a day that brings a smile to the faces of popcorn lovers and supports those who want this special food to be recognized everywhere.

January 19, Popcorn Day , also known as Popcorn Day, is a special food day that appeals not only to Turkey but also to many countries around the world. It is known as a fun celebration day that attracts, excites and satisfies people of all ages.

How Did January 19 Popcorn Day Come About?

There is no definitive and clear information about how January 19 Popcorn Day came to be. There are rumors that this special celebration day originated in America. It is estimated that it was first celebrated in America, and as it became more popular and heard, it spread to neighboring countries.

It is thought that it began to be celebrated universally over time because it is a food enjoyed by people of all ages. Sources in the food and beverage industry do not contain official and scientific information for January 19 Popcorn Day.

What are the January 19 Popcorn Day Activities?

Let’s talk about the activities you can do on January 19, Popcorn Day, to enjoy this day and share its excitement. So, you too can accompany the special day that is famous all over the world!

  • To make January 19 Popcorn Day unforgettable, you can spend quality time with your loved ones by preparing an environment where you can pop corn for yourself and your loved ones.
  • If you are planning to go to the cinema, you can enjoy the movie and popcorn by purchasing popcorn.
  • If you are preparing for a day when you will go to work or school, you can celebrate January 19 Popcorn Day in your social environment by preparing enough popcorn for everyone.
  • If there are events of companies supporting January 19 Popcorn Day in your region, you can reinforce the meaning of the day by participating in these events.
  • On January 19, Popcorn Day, you can experience the importance of the day with a simple celebration by making flavored popcorn for yourself while you are reading a book or relaxing at home.
  • If you have guests coming to your house on the evening of January 19, Popcorn Day, you can introduce January 19 Popcorn Day to your guests by preparing popcorn as a tea side treat.

Special Campaigns for January 19 Popcorn Day

Companies can organize various campaigns for January 19, Popcorn Day, which is celebrated carefully every year. The campaigns prepared vary depending on the agenda during the year. You can better feel the meaning and importance of this day by closely following the campaigns announced in your region. If we talk about the most common January 19 Popcorn Day campaigns, we can talk about the topics that attract the attention of many people:

  • You can benefit from popcorn discounts organized by pulse companies in markets.
  • The companies from which you will purchase movie tickets may offer you a special gift of corn for that day.
  • In social venues such as cafes, you may be served special popcorn with your drinks on January 19, Popcorn Day.
  • Discounts on popcorn machines can be made in stores selling electronic home appliances.

Little Known Facts About Popcorn

Would you like to learn little-known information about popcorn, the sought-after snack flavor of fun conversations and pleasant moments? Popcorn, mentioned in historical sources, has left important traces in people’s lives.

Here are some little-known facts about popcorn:

  • Popcorn can bounce up to 3 feet when popping at the ideal temperature.
  • In 1949, popcorn was banned in movie theaters because it created too much noise.
  • The ideal temperature for popcorn to pop at full consistency is 400°F.
  • What makes popcorn pop is the water and moisture trapped inside the grains.
  • In the 1800s, it was consumed as a food source with milk and sugar.
  • In North America, it is used as Christmas decoration and wreaths are made with popcorn.
  • Native American tribes consumed popcorn by adding flavoring to it.
  • It has been known as a food consumed in movie theaters since 1912.
  • Europeans began to recognize popcorn after the 15th century, thanks to Christopher Columbus.

How Was Popcorn Discovered?

Although popcorn is the most popular snack food today, its history actually dates back to ancient times. According to some important sources, popcorn was discovered by Explorer Christopher Columbus . According to sources in the media and books, popcorn was discovered almost 5000 years ago.

According to one story, B.C. Maya and Aztec societies that lived between 1500 and 1200 BC used stone mills to clean and grind corn grains. One day, while the corn was being ground, corn grains were forgotten and piled up in the stone mill. The forgotten corn grains remained in the hot mill and began to explode. Thus, it was discovered that corn grains could also be consumed by popping them. In some sources, the Inca and Peruvian civilizations are also mentioned.

According to another story, corn grains that fell into the peanut roasting machine began to explode in a short time. People who saw this noticed that the corn was popping and changing shape. Those who tasted it realized that this corn was suitable for consumption in popped form. Over time, corn continued to be consumed by popping.

When you look at more recent history, you may hear the name of a businessman named Charles Cretors , who produced devices that enable easy popping of corn. Charles Cretors designed a device that easily popped corn during a fair in Chicago in 1885. Thus, popping corn became an easier process and those who heard it started to love popcorn more.

In Turkey , the recognition of popcorn dates back to the 90s . Thanks to the developments in the food and beverage industry in the early 90s, many people had the opportunity to meet popcorn.

Special Popcorn Tips for January 19 Popcorn Day

If you want to prepare delicious and delicious popcorn for Popcorn Day on January 19, you can go on a delicious journey with Delicious Recipes. You can review more than 150 recipes by typing “Popcorn” in the recipe search button. This way, you can more easily find the popcorn recipe that best suits your taste. We would like to remind you of the most important tips to prepare delicious popcorn at home:

  • In order for the corn to pop in a short time without burning, you should choose corn grains grown suitable for popping.
  • The popped corn is called “Genie Corn”.
  • Since the use of vegetable oil is generally recommended, you can try popping the corn with oil of vegetable origin.
  • Use pots that heat well and are resistant to burning.
  • While cooking, be sure to gently shake the pot with its lid closed.
  • If you want to prepare flavored corn, follow the aroma secrets suggested in the recipes.
  • Adjust the salt ratio according to your taste to have a delicious popcorn as if it was bought ready-made from outside!

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