With a chocolate diet you lose a kilo a day

The chocolate diet is gaining more and more fans and is becoming more and more popular because of its easy implementation in the hectic everyday life. Average daily caloric intake equals 580 calories.

The chocolate diet is followed for no more than seven days, but you can shorten it to three days. With the reduced scheme, you will lose only three kilograms, and with the full scheme – seven kilograms.

The chocolate diet also leads to a loss of fluids from the body, which is determined by the refusal of salt, which is absolutely necessary during the chocolate diet.

The chocolate diet is a bit of a drastic diet – you only get one hundred grams of chocolate a day. Keep in mind that 100 grams of white chocolate contain 522 calories, milk chocolate contains 545 calories, and natural chocolate contains 517 calories.

So adjust your diet to your preferences and you can afford one hundred and ten grams. That means one standard chocolate bar and one or two more pieces.

You can eat your portion all at once, but you can also split it into two, three or more meals. Note that white chocolate has almost no cocoa butter.

In general, the chocolate diet in its classic form cannot be done only with white chocolate . Each consumption of the portion of chocolate can be accompanied by a cup of unsweetened coffee or tea, in which a little skimmed milk may have been added .

The chocolate diet completely excludes the consumption of sugar and salt. You should refrain from natural juices, carbonated drinks that cause increased appetite.

This sweet diet also excludes vegetables and fruits. Alcohol in all its forms is also prohibited. An important detail is that the intake of any liquid should be done no earlier than three hours after the consumption of chocolate and coffee or tea.

The minimum amount of liquids per day should not be less than one and a half liters. The repetition of the diet can be done only after a month or two. The menu of the classic chocolate diet is 30 g of natural chocolate for breakfast, accompanied by unsweetened coffee or tea.

Lunch is 30-40 grams of natural chocolate and coffee, dinner is exactly the same. The greatest merit of the chocolate diet is obtaining a quick result.

Your mental activity does not suffer at all because chocolate is among the best stimulants for the brain. However, there are downsides to the chocolate diet, and one of them is that there is a chance that you will gain the weight back if you don’t exercise after the diet or go after the food like a wild beast.

The chocolate diet is contraindicated for people with diabetes, as well as for people with an allergy to cocoa or milk. Gallstones and liver disease also rule out following a chocolate diet. Hypertension is also not among the problems that allow compliance with this sweet diet.


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