Which Vegetables and Fruits to Eat in July?

July Vegetables and Fruits List

July Vegetables and Fruits List

July is one of the months when summer is felt in every aspect. It is the period when delicious and useful foods that color the greengrocer and market aisles come out. Vegetables that double the taste of main dishes, and summer fruits, which are the sweet details of snacks and cakes, are consumed more in July.

When you go to the market, if you are thinking about which vegetables and fruits you will buy to be fed in the full season; You can prepare a healthy shopping list by reading this article before shopping.

We have prepared a useful article for those who are wondering what the vegetables and fruits of July are. Thanks to this list, when you open your refrigerator, you can see the food in its full taste and in its season. Here are the fruit and vegetables of the month of July, which are eagerly awaited!

What Vegetables and Fruits to Eat in July?


  • When the month of July comes, grapes are one of the fruits that are appetizing with their color varieties.
  • You can consume grapes frequently due to its antioxidant properties.
  • The calorie of grapes, which strengthens the immune system that clears cancerous cells, is also very low.
  • 100 grams of grapes contains almost 70 calories.


  • Apricot is a fruit that strengthens the intestinal flora. It is also one of the symbols of the summer month.
  • Those who boil apricots and make their drinks and consume apricots in their full season are very lucky. Because this fruit prevents cancer cells from entering the body.
  • Apricot, which is also skin-friendly, is a fruit you can often see in July.


  • Cherry, which is indispensable for the summer season, is remembered as one of the most consumed fruits in July.
  • It should not be forgotten that in addition to its antioxidant property, it also has the task of cleaning the urinary tract.
  • By consuming cherries regularly throughout July, you can get rid of excess water in your body.


  • Peach is a fruit with a high sugar content compared to other fruits. When July comes, it colors the greengrocer and market aisles.
  • You can consume peach, which is a fruit rich in dietary fibers, in case of constipation and intestinal parasites.
  • 1 medium-sized peach that you will consume in the fruit meal contains 40 calories on average.


  • One of the fruits that many people want to see all summer long is melon. Melon is the favorite of July with its sugar content, dietary fiber and abundant vitamins.
  • Protecting skin and hair health, melon is consumed in its full flavor in July.
  • You can consume melon in the healthiest way in ice cream presentations, fruit salads and fit smoothie recipes.


  • When its nutritional value is examined, watermelon, a large proportion of which is water, is the favorite fruit of the greengrocer aisles throughout July.
  • You can consume watermelon, which tastes and sugar even more in July, with cold service on hot summer days.
  • Watermelon protects the body’s water balance and helps you get rid of toxins thanks to its antioxidant properties.

Sour cherry

  • Cherry, one of the fruits that diabetes patients can consume in July, is also a useful fruit with antioxidant properties.
  • If you consume cherries regularly and in moderation throughout July, you can balance blood sugar.
  • It is a sought-after food for healthy meals due to its low calorie content. Cherry nourishes the hair, renews the skin and strengthens the immune system.


  • Another July fruit that awakens appetite with its color and renews the whole body with its benefits is raspberry.
  • Raspberry is a fruit that children and adults should consume frequently. It contains plenty of antioxidant substances and removes the bacteria in the body.
  • Raspberry, which strengthens the eyesight, also helps to clean the intestines in a short time.

Plum Plum

  • When July comes, the damson plum takes its place in the aisles and searches for itself more towards the end of summer. It is a powerful source of potassium and magnesium.
  • Plum, which supports the balancing of hormones, also helps to clean the bacteria that occur in the mouth.
  • Those who think about what to eat in July can consume a moderate amount of plum. Excessive consumption may cause diarrhea.


  • Thanks to its fibrous structure, peas that help the intestines to relax are available in the aisles fresh in July.
  • Peas, which are sold in abundance for winter preparations, remain on the aisle for a short time. If you want to buy peas, clean them and store them in the freezer, July will be a good time for you.
  • Thanks to the consumption of peas, the body’s resistance is preserved and intestinal diseases are prevented.

Green beans

  • Another most consumed vegetable in the summer season is green beans. It will flavor the dinners in July.
  • Since it is low in calories, it will be a complete diet meal when cooked with olive oil. Moreover, since it is a hearty vegetable, you can easily consume it.
  • Green beans can take their place in your cupboard as a July vegetable with plenty of vitamins and minerals, used in many main dishes.


  • You can consume purslane abundantly in July to prevent situations such as iron deficiency and low vitamin value.
  • Purslane is a very useful vegetable that decorates salads and cheers up the stomach. It is a food that is recommended to be consumed abundantly in cases such as infections, bacteria and microbes.
  • Those who are wondering which vegetables to buy in July can add plenty of purslane to the bag.

Kidney bean

  • Kidney beans, a quality fiber source, contain high fiber.
  • It is included in delicious recipes in diet meals and main courses. Both the salad and the meal of kidney beans are very beneficial for you.
  • Since it is a vegetable that accelerates the slimming process, it can take its place in meals in summer days.

Fresh Cowpea

  • Fresh cowpea, one of the most loved vegetables of the Aegean and Mediterranean, is the main character of the most light and delicious meals you can make in July.
  • It has very serious tasks such as protecting heart health, supporting the diet process, and cleaning the urinary tract.
  • Consumption of fresh cowpea, one of the keys to a healthy life, is often recommended in July.


  • Okra, which is a favorite food of olive oil dishes, is a July vegetable that you can choose to protect from heart diseases.
  • Many vitamins and fiber in okra are effective in having a stronger immune system.
  • You can cook okra in delicious recipes and consume it regularly.


  • July is known as tomato month. Tomatoes, which are beautifully fried and watered in the field, are consumed in July in their most delicious form.
  • Those who are preparing tomato paste or sauce can follow the tomato market closely this month. You can find tomatoes containing plenty of vitamins in this period without losing their flavor.
  • The most delicious period of tomato paste, breakfast and edible tomatoes is July.


  • Basil is a useful vegetable that you can use both in cooking and as a pot plant. Thanks to the pleasant aroma it gives to the food, it also relaxes the stomach.
  • Be sure to buy the basil, which is offered for sale in bouquets, fresh for use at home.
  • In addition, it is recommended to crush the leaves a little to make the smell of basil feel more sharp. Thus, the aroma it gives to the added dish is felt more.


  • Dill, which is supplied every month in every season, is one of the most frequently consumed vegetables in July.
  • It is the favorite vegetable of those who want to stay away from diseases because it has the task of cleansing the liver.
  • Dill is the most economical among July vegetables. An average of 1 bouquet of dill is 1 TL.


  • The July menu usually consists of dishes to which eggplant is added. Because this month, eggplant draws attention with being both economical and fresh.
  • You can consume eggplant in many delicious meals and get the vitamins and minerals your body needs.
  • You can also buy and dry aubergines in the hottest days of summer and eat them all winter long.


  • The long-awaited corn is also included in the list of fruits and vegetables for July. Corn becomes one of the most popular snacks of summer when it is cooked on embers and boiled.
  • You can often find corn, which is rich in dietary fiber, potassium and antioxidant substances, in the aisles during July.
  • Moreover, since corn is sold at very low prices, you can buy it in abundance and use it for winter preparation.


  • Another food that attracts attention with its smell and texture among the fruits of July is figs.
  • Fig heals mouth sores in a short time thanks to its unique honey.
  • When consumed in moderation, it balances blood sugar and protects heart health.

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