When Is Watermelon Ripe? Many facts!

Watermelon Ripe
Watermelon Ripe

The watermelon is by far the most eaten melon in the Netherlands. This large green melon with its red flesh contains a lot of water, 95% to be exact. It is difficult to estimate when you can eat watermelon. When is a watermelon actually ripe?

When Is Watermelon Ripe?

Look for a yellow spot on the bottom of the watermelon. Feel the melon to see if it feels firm and heavy. Knock on the watermelon and the sound should sound hollow. If you have all these three characteristics, then the watermelon is ripe.

Watermelon is one of many varieties, probably the first melon is ever eaten. 

How do you know if a watermelon is ripe?

You often buy a watermelon to eat right away, but when do you know whether a melon is ripe? In general, watermelons are bought to eat immediately and not to store.

watermelon ripe

There are three ways to find out if a watermelon is ripe, namely:

  1. Lift the watermelon and feel the weight well. The weight should match the size of the melon. When it feels firm and heavy, there is a lot of moisture in the melon, and it is then ripe and can be eaten immediately.
  2. The second method is knocking. Knock on the watermelon when you are in the supermarket. With a hollow sound the melon is ripe, with a dull sound not yet.
  3. Also always look at the bottom of the melon, there must be a spot that is yellowish, then the watermelon is ripe. The yellow spot is where the watermelon fell to the ground. And when there are yellow stripes on the melon, leave the melon. This watermelon is not ripe.

watermelon ripeYellow trap spots

The yellow spot is therefore the place where the melon fell to the ground, after which the melon was left to ripen in the sun for a few days. When the melon is ripe, this trap spot will turn yellow.

Watermelon Storage

If you bought a watermelon that is not yet ripe, place the melon in a fruit bowl or a place in the kitchen or living room where the melon can ripen further. The ripening process continues at room temperature. A spot in the sun is completely fine for the watermelon, if it is not yet ripe.

If you have a ripe melon that you want to eat right away, put it in the fridge. The ripening process stops due to the cold temperature. And there’s nothing better than a cold slice of watermelon. Watermelon at room temperature tastes very different, especially in the summer. A cold watermelon provides refreshment and children love it.

A whole watermelon is usually not eaten in one sitting, because many watermelons can be very large and heavy. Cut watermelon can be stored in the refrigerator. Cover the melon with foil, or if you have pieces of melon put them in a container or bag and seal it. Then put it in the fridge and you can keep the melon for 2 days.

Watermelon ice cream

You can also keep watermelon in the freezer, but not for long! When you keep the watermelon in the freezer for more than two days, the taste and structure will change. It is then no longer tasty and feels very strange in your mouth.

But for two days it is fine and also fun to do. Frozen watermelon on a stick can be a party for kids. You can also make other things with watermelon, such as watermelon ice creams or drinks. Or watermelon in an ice cube shape, this is also fun to do.

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