What is Peat Soil? How To Make It At Home?

What is Peat Soil

If you are interested in plant care and cultivation; You need to know which plant wants what kind of soil. Because every plant wants to hold on to the soil that is suitable for its own structure. Climate, roots and branches, watering demand, pot size, and seed type are all important factors for a plant.

Another important item to be added to these elements is the soil to be used. Peat soil, which is recommended for many plants, is a type of soil that is often heard by those who want to grow flowers at home and indoors. Now, in this article, we will answer the questions about what peat means and peat soil.

What is Peat Soil?

  • Peat flower soil is a type of soil prepared entirely from organic materials. There is no artificial substance in this soil.
  • It is generally preferred for plants of humid and temperate regions.
  • Peat soil is formed over time in areas such as lakes and swamps when plants remain underwater and decay over the years.
  • Peat soil, which is yellow, brown, or black, does not contain nutrients.
  • Widely used peat soil does not distinguish between plants
  • It is used to support the healthy growth of a flower or potted plant.
  • When you say what is the use of peat, this soil regulates the moisture balance in the pot. It prevents the plant from rotting.
  • Peat soil, which allows the fertilizer added to the pot to stay in the pot for a long time, also supports the plant to get enough water.
  • If you want to grow a plant or flower at home for a long time without rotting; It is recommended to use peat soil.
  • The peat soil mix is ​​rich in organic matter. Various plants that have decayed over the years have also increased the mineral value of this soil.
  • Peat soil, which has a fibrous structure, is ideal in terms of pH value. It is in the pH range of 5.5 and 6.5 recommended for plants. This value helps the soil to be fertile.
  • Another known name of peat soil is “peat soil”. Peat soil will provide you with great convenience in growing plants.

How to Make Peat Soil at Home?

Peat soil requires a long time and a natural environment to form. However, in some cases, a soil type with properties very close to peat soil can be prepared at homeLet us explain to you how to make natural peat soil at home.

  • To create peat soil at home, we will take you out of the house a little and start creating soil in areas such as the garden or around the house.
  • You should find a sun-drenched area around your home.
  • Start collecting grass, fallen leaves, and small twigs in the area you find.
  • You should add slaked lime to the resulting soil area. If lime is not available, you can use nitrogen-containing fertilizer.
  • You should turn this soil mixture upside down twice a day for a certain period of time.
  • If you wish, you can cover the area where the peat soil will be formed with small stones. This will help you find the land area.
  • You should keep mixing the soil until the color of the soil turns brown.
  • You can say that your peat soil is ready when its color approaches brown tones. You can use it for plant care.

How is Peat Used?

If you have peat soil and you think if peat can be used alone; Let us give you information about the usage areas of this land:

  • The most common use is for growing potted plants. You can use it for any plant you want.
  • Peat soil is used in the creation of golf courses. Tons of peat is needed for this.
  • If you are going to prepare a large number of seedlings; You can make a productive start by choosing peat soil for seedlings.
  • Another area where peat soil is used is mushroom production.
  • You can use it to adjust the pH balance of acidic soils.
  • Peat is used to adding moisture to the soil.
  • In order for the plant to take the water in the best way; It can be used to preserve moisture around the root.
  • Peat is used to protecting fruit trees from ice and frost in cold climates. Peat provides moisture to the roots.

What is the Difference Between Peat and Soil?

  • Peat soil and compost soil recommended for plants do not have the same properties.
  • In order for peat soil to form, perennial plants are usually required. Like trees, branches, and roots.
  • All kinds of organic wastes are used for compost soil formation. Like plants, leaves, and insects.
  • Both soils are mineral sources of plants. It helps the plant to grow healthily.

Where to Buy Peat? What is the price?

  • If you want to buy peat soil to grow your flowers and plants in the best conditions in your home; You can go to stores that sell plant materials.
  • Greenhouse or landscaping shops will also help you with this.
  • From time to time, peat soil is sold in the markets.
  • Peat soil offered for sale in kilogram bags; It is sold with an average of 10 TL for 5 kg.

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