What is Cellulite?

What is Cellulite

Cellulite: Orange Peel Appearance on the Skin

The increase in beauty standards has made it necessary for women to seek solutions to their unique problems. It is an undeniable fact that many gyms today are full of women who want to get rid of their cellulite.

In order to achieve an ideal body image, the cellulite treatment applied against cellulite, which creates a dimpled leg image that causes visual pollution , is seen to be a kind of savior, although it does not reach a definite result. Cellulite problems experienced by women due to both what they eat and the genetic code they carry are much more common than men.

Cellulite problems, which are common all over the world, are not only specific to overweight people, but also occur in thin people. Although cellulite is a concern of many women with its dimpled appearance that progresses through the fat layer under the skin, the risk group is quite wide.

What is Cellulite?

  • Cellulite, which means “hydro lipodystrophy” if it is defined in the medical language as a medical term, is the form of orange peel appearance created by the fat tissue in certain places in a heterogeneous way among the people.
  • It is difficult to reach a definite causal factor for cellulite caused by structural changes, hormonal imbalances and hereditary reasons.
  • Cellulite, which is mostly seen on the legs and arms, may occur in youth or may occur due to the decrease in estrogen during menopause.
  • Cellulite, especially seen in women who have problems with the body’s fat storage and breakdown, is a disease with a high potential to develop in those with insulin resistance.
  • Cellulite reduction, which is needed more in women than in men, is associated with the fact that the ligaments under the adipose tissue are arranged in a row or in a crooked manner.
  • It is expected that the discomfort that women try to correct by using cellulite cream will disappear temporarily.
  • Cellulite oil, which has a strong settlement as tissue and layer, can be distributed with the help of massage and cream.

Why Does Cellulite Occur?

  • If the cause of cellulite is well known, the source will be found and the right answers can be found more quickly for the question of how cellulite goes.
  • If the causes of cellulite are to be summarized, they can be grouped under 2 headings: hormonal disorders and circulatory disorders caused by wrong lifestyle or genetic factors.
  • If we examine in more detail; Age, gender, nutrition and heredity are usually effective for cellulite, which can occur for various reasons.
  • Prolonged standing, sitting, sedentary lifestyle, fatty and carbohydrate diet also increase the risk of developing cellulite.

Cellulite, which manifests itself especially after the age of 20, shows a degree of severity in three stages:

  • Those who have smooth skin while standing and have obvious dimples on their legs when sitting,
  • Those who have legs that look like orange peel or curd cheese when standing,
  • Those with deep and puffy pits, both sitting and standing,
  • All of this may be due to malnutrition, too much sun exposure or your lifestyle.
  • Regardless of the appearance of aesthetic discomfort, it is a health problem that should be taken seriously as it will affect the edema and therefore the circulatory system.
  • In this context, it is necessary to walk regularly and eat healthy. Because if the cellulite formed in the skin tissue is combined with edema, the entire metabolism of the body may be disrupted.
  • Although exercise or diet is important, it is not enough to eliminate cellulite.
  • However, it is quite possible to see cellulite in those who smoke, consume a lot of fat, and stay in the same position for a long time.
  • Tight clothing products such as underwear or tights that limit blood flow can also contribute to cellulite formation. For this reason, subsequent cellulite removal movements may not be considered sufficient.
  • Cellulite, which is often newly noticed by women after the age of 25, may appear on the arms, hips or legs, depending on their genetic status.
  • Especially those with a high genetic predisposition are recommended to do cellulite exercise as of puberty.

How is Cellulite Treated?

  • It is possible to find both natural and drug treatments for cellulite. Cellulite tights, which are used by the middle age group to cover the width of their legs, usually trigger the problem. For this reason, it is more beneficial to use various cellulite tools for a long-term solution.
  • Although there is no cream that provides a definitive treatment for cellulite, it is seen that the products provide a solution in the short term.
  • Changing the diet can also be added to the list of measures to be taken to pass cellulite.
  • Whether it is massaging with oil mixtures purchased from herbalists for healing at home or interventions made with the advice of a doctor, there are many methods to pass cellulite.
  • Reducing caffeine intake, quitting smoking, and exercising can also help prevent the spread of cellulite.
  • Instead of looking for therapeutic methods in chemical products, it is important for those with cellulite to return to nature and regulate their diet.
  • Any of the methods used may be suitable for you, as it has a feature that is difficult or insists on getting better and is visually disturbing.
  • You can even reduce the development of cellulite by avoiding caffeinated, carbonated, acidic drinks, chips and ready-made foods.

I pay attention to my diet, I also do regular sports, but if you say that the cellulite symptoms and wavy appearance do not go away, you can try these 3 steps :

  • Although it may sound like a very familiar and simple thing, drinking plenty of water is the most important cellulite removal step. Because water is necessary because it facilitates both circulation and fat burning.
  • The second step is to do or have a cellulite massage. You can get support from experts in this field and start a massage once a week. You can also apply it yourself with the cellulite massager. The trick in the massage for cellulite solution is to apply at least half an hour with firm movements from bottom to top.
  • Finally, doing cellulite removal weight training will help you achieve a smooth skin appearance.

What are Cellulite Treatment Methods?

  • Treatments that start with the realization of cellulite, which is the scourge of women, include variety. Techniques and methods that have lightening effects on the appearance by breaking the bands of the connective tissue under the pitted skin surface can be used in the healing process. Laser therapy, which is an effective method in many skin-related disorders, can also be preferred for cellulite.
  • With the support of beauty centers, cellulite, which is a regional slimming method, can be removed with mesotherapy. Thanks to the work of the back of the legs, the desired image can be achieved by dispersing the adipose tissue.
  • Having a more moist skin can also help in dealing with cellulite. For this, it is easy to reach the cellulite mask, which is prepared with materials that you can apply even at home.
  • For example, massaging the mask prepared with the meeting of some coffee and almond oil on the cellulite area helps to make the area tighter and improve the appearance. In addition to the fact that the masks provide temporary treatment, it is a fact that the rich vitamin E extracts it contains give the skin brightness and vitality.
  • For those who are looking for an easier method to remove cellulite, it may be possible to prepare cellulite tea at home. The tea prepared when rosemary, thyme, vinegar and lemon are combined with a glass of boiling water and left to brew, provided that it is one tablespoon each, can be easily drunk before meals.
  • Among the cellulite types, there are also cellulite that occurs with hormonal problems. In this case, hormone-regulating measures can be taken. In this regard, Aslanpençesi tea is among the plants recommended to balance the high FSH.
  • This tea, which accelerates metabolism and burns fat, can also be used for slimming purposes. Although cellulite detox seems to be beneficial for the skin to be renewed in general, pure weight loss may not be ideal for cellulite. Because the loosening of the skin after losing excess weight may also pave the way for the cellulite existing in that area to appear more. Therefore, it may be necessary to do sports or work out the muscles while losing weight.
  • Since cellulite is triggered by circulatory problems, having a healthy circulatory system automatically fights cellulite.
  • Cellulite cure, which is one of the cures prepared for women to accelerate blood circulation, can be made with cabbage. After a month of cabbage cure, which is applied regularly twice a day for a week and every other day in the other weeks, both the toxins in the body are eliminated and the fat layer is melted. The cure prepared by boiling 4 cabbage leaves in half a liter of water is recommended by İbrahim Saracoğlu.
  • Cellulite soap made from seaweed is one of the natural products that can show its effect in the long term for those who are used to living with cellulite. The reason why soap is made from seaweed is hidden in the vitamins in the seaweed.
  • The slippery feature of the cellulite soap, which helps to beautify the skin, has a moisturizing effect, providing convenience both in application and after it. Washing the cellulite area with soap is both easier and more affordable.

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