What is Blackhead? Why Do Blackheads Occur?

What is Blackhead

What is Blackhead? Black spots, which are mostly located on the nose and cause the appearance of a strawberry in the face area, are a skin problem that occurs with the combination of excess oil in the lower layers of the skin, dead layers on the skin surface and dirt over time.

In other words, there is a tight connection between blackheads and pores. If the pores are not cleaned enough, blackhead formation is inevitable. Since the black spots, which can be seen in different parts of the body such as the back and shoulders, mostly show themselves on the face, products and methods for facial cleaning have been developed.

Today, many blackhead masks are preferred by users and the problem is tried to be solved. Although the use of masks works, the factors causing the problem should be determined first and blackhead formation should be prevented from the beginning. If the blackhead face cleaning step is not interrupted, it will decrease. In cases where cleaning is not sufficient, blackheads can be removed by using a face mask.

Why Do Blackheads Occur?

When skin pores are clogged, excess oil cannot be expelled, causing blackheads, acne and closed comedones. Adolescence, when hormones undergo the most changes, is a factor that plays an important role in the increase of blackheads by causing the skin to secrete more oil than normal. Blackheads and acne increase especially during this period. Blackheads can be seen not only in adolescence, but also in different age ranges.

Improper nutrition, use of products that are not suitable for the skin structure, exposure to the harmful rays of the sun for a long time, and most importantly, disrupting the skin cleaning are among the biggest causes of blackhead formation.

If all these factors are ignored, black spots and spots will be inevitable. Especially the use of products that cover the surface of the skin, such as foundation and powderand even after the skin is not adequately cleaned and purified from these products, triggers the formation of blackheads.

How Do Blackheads Go?

If no precautions are taken, there are many methods to remove blackheads that multiply and pave the way for acne formation. In addition to maintaining the skin cleaning regularly, applying special products that remove blackheads at regular intervals will help to eliminate the problem. The skin should be cleaned with a cleanser selected according to the skin type. Blackheads can also be alleviated with the use of tonic. Helping to purify excess oil from the skin, tonics will also prepare the skin for the moisturizing phase. When choosing a moisturizer, it is important to choose the product for the needs of the skin. Ingredients that will help regulate the oil balance of the skin play an important role in the blackhead prevention step.

Blackhead tapes, which are easily available in the market, are one of the most preferred cleaning methods. These tapes, which are generally recommended to be applied on opened and loosened pores after a bath, collect blackheads by attracting them with the special substances they contain. Blackheads can also be removed with the help of powerful masks that have been popular recently, such as black mask. After the black mask is applied on the skin, it is peeled off from the skin by waiting for a certain period of time. During the peeling process, black spots on the skin surface are also removed. Blackhead vacuuming tools, which find their place in the market and are very popular, also try to help clean the skin by vacuuming the problem areas.

How is Blackhead Treatment Applied?

When treating blackheads, it is checked how severe the problem is. In some cases, the methods that the person will apply on their own are not enough and black dot laser treatment may be required. If the blackhead removal procedures that the person tries at home do not solve the problem, help from a specialist should be sought. During the treatment, depending on the degree of the problem, medical skin cleansing and chemical peeling can be done, as well as special lotions containing fruit acids and moisturizers containing salicylic acid. The blackhead cream used throughout the treatment contains special components that will ensure that the blackheads do not recur.

Blackheads can be greatly reduced by peeling . Peeling helps to remove the dead layer accumulated on the skin surface. If the simple peeling process that the person will apply at home is not enough, chemical peeling, which should be done with the help of an expert, comes into play. The aim of the chemical peeling process is to remove the dead layer on the skin surface and to ensure that the underlying healthy tissue comes to the surface. In the treatment of blackheads, the skin is first cleansed of excess oil and dirt. Afterwards, products that will help open the pores and allow easy cleaning of blackheads are applied to the skin.

How to Tighten Blackheads?

Many people unconsciously resort to ways that damage the skin to get rid of blackheads that cause a bad appearance. If the blackhead squeezing process is not done with the right tools in a sterile environment, it will only increase the existing problem. Using problem-specific tools such as a blackhead removal tool instead of nails will prevent pits and similar scars from remaining on the skin surface.

Tightening is not recommended by some experts unless it is necessary. However, if this method is to be used, the skin should be cleaned of oil and dirt before squeezing in order to avoid problems such as blackhead marks, gloves should be used, and a steam bath should be done for a few minutes so that the blackheads can be easily removed.

Some products specially developed to remove blackheads will facilitate the work of users. Blackhead tweezers, which is one of them, will prevent infections since it is a tool that can be easily sterilized. When squeezing the blackhead, it is necessary not to apply too much pressure to the skin and not to crush the skin tissue.

Blackhead Solution with Home Facilities

It may be possible to get rid of blackheads with the materials available at home. Mask recipes for blackheads with natural products are among the methods that many people often use. The material to be selected should have purifying and skin tightening properties. Known for its pore-tightening feature and one of the indispensables of many masks, lemon is one of them. Blackheads can be reduced with a mask that is a mixture of lemon and honey. While lemon dissolves the dirt and oil layer, honey will clean the skin with its antiseptic feature.

Blackheads can also be removed with the use of baking soda. The baking soda mask, which is extremely simple to make, removes the dirt and excess oil that clog the pores from the skin. It is sufficient to mix the baking soda with water to a consistency that will allow it to adhere to the skin. Depending on the intensity of the blackheads, it will be sufficient to apply this mask once or twice a week. As you can see, in non-severe cases, blackheads can be easily cleaned with herbal products.

Blackhead Removal Methods

There are many treatment processes to be preferred according to the density of blackheads on the skin. Natural options such as blackhead cure prepared with herbal ingredients are a good choice for those who do not want to tire their skin with chemical materials.

Although blackheads can be cleaned with materials such as apple cider vinegar, it is necessary to protect the skin from the sun after this process. Apple cider vinegar diluted with water is applied to the problem areas, after waiting for a while, the skin is cleaned with plenty of water.

Although it may sound interesting, blackheads can also be removed using toothpaste. The important point here is to choose a gel product with a whitening feature. Doing a sensitivity test on the skin beforehand should never be skipped. Putty is applied to clean and dry skin, areas with problems, and allowed to dry, then cleaned with plenty of water. Some drugs, which are usually called blackhead pills, must be used under the supervision of a doctor.

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