What is 2 Year Old Syndrome?

After birth, humans go through many physical and biological stages. These transitions sometimes create intense psychological pressure. This condition begins in infancy and manifests itself in certain critical periods. 2-year-old syndrome, which is a challenging process experienced by babies and their families, is one of them. Parents need to be informed to ensure that their babies can get through this process in a healthy way. In this way, they can interpret their babies’ wishes and thoughts correctly. Babies can also overcome the 2-year-old syndrome without any problems.

What is 2 Year Old Syndrome?

One of the issues frequently wondered by parents is the answer to the question “What is 2-year-old syndrome?” 2-year-old syndrome, which is a process that babies who have just started walking, is a normal part of the development phase. Toddlers feel free and try to establish themselves as individuals by leaving infancy.

Of course, they cause some difficulties for their families in this process. A behavior similar to that seen in adolescence manifests itself in this period. There are symptoms such as tantrums, stubbornness, shouting, crying with the desire to get what you want, not listening to your parents’ words, and aggressive attitudes. For this reason, they are also known as “Terrible Twos”. Families experience a lot of difficulty throughout the process. Although it may be challenging, it should not be a concern. Because 2-year-old syndrome is a normal part of healthy development.

It is common for babies who were completely dependent on their mothers before walking to taste their freedom once they start walking. Babies who realize this try to prove themselves to those around them, and they behave as if they are an individual and I am here. For this reason, they take a more egocentristic, or self-centered, attitude. Because of this attitude, they want everything to be their way. As a result, they constantly act negatively against their family’s wishes.

What are the Symptoms of 2 Year Old Syndrome?

The symptoms of 2-year-old syndrome vary from baby to baby and are quite diverse. But there are a few behavioral patterns that are very clear. These behaviors are important signs that the process has begun. Symptoms of 2-year-old syndrome in children include;

  • Babies with siblings fight more than usual with their siblings, and babies without siblings fight with their playmates more than usual.
  • They can kick people around when they are angry,
  • There may be sudden mood changes (such as crying happily while suddenly sobbing),
  • They may shout at people they communicate with during normal conversation,
  • They may have tantrums (throwing toys and objects, hitting people around them or themselves, etc.).

All these symptoms can occur in babies between 18 and 36 months. Throughout the process, the baby is very inclined to do the opposite of what his parents say. He responds by saying “No” to many things. During stubbornness, situations such as not eating, not doing activities that one enjoys in daily life, or not playing games may also occur. These are quite normal and parents need to understand their children and behave accordingly.

2-year-old syndrome may also cause problems with sleep patterns. During this period, children may object to sleep hours and may not want to sleep. Other issues of curiosity are problems such as 2-year-old syndrome crying at night and 2-year-old syndrome crying crisis. It should be known that these are problems that may be encountered during the 2-year-old syndrome, although not in every baby.

When Does 2 Year Old Syndrome Start?

There is no exact answer to the question of when 2-year-old syndrome begins. It is generally known that toddlers enter this period with their first steps. For this reason, the syndrome does not start until the age of 2. It begins to appear between 18 months and 36 months. The process becomes even more difficult due to incomplete language development. Children who cannot express themselves fully throughout the process become very at odds with their parents.

It is not possible for the process to start suddenly with walking. Babies’ first steps still need help. The child, who is aware of this, always wants his parent with him. Because there is still the fear of falling. However, a sense of freedom emerges in children who begin to walk successfully. However, 2-year-old syndrome also manifests itself. Parents who now have a more selfish and independent baby need to get used to the process and manage their baby. Otherwise, a troublesome process may cause some psychological problems in babies.

How Long Does 2 Year Old Syndrome Last?

Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to the question of how long 2-year-old syndrome lasts. Although it may seem like it will take forever for families, the syndrome begins to ease when children understand the rules and realize that they clearly want the things they want. Babies are all unique and have different personality traits.

Although it is scientifically stated that the process can continue for up to 36 months, parents who understand their babies and behave accordingly will go through the process more easily. Thus, the process can be completed in a very short time for them. Knowing how to deal with babies’ negative behavior and acting accordingly is the most effective method.

Therefore, it is necessary to be consistent and determined when disciplining babies. If all family members (including caregivers, if any) are consistent and accommodating towards the baby, the process will proceed much more smoothly. Thus, the process will pass without any psychological damage occurring. On average, the process ends around the age of 3.

How to Treat a Child with 2-Year-Old Syndrome?

Answers to the questions “How should a child with 2-year-old syndrome be treated?” and “What are the methods for dealing with 2-year-old syndrome” are very important in terms of child education. Every parent should be aware of this situation and be conscious. Although it is not easy to deal with babies while the syndrome continues, it is necessary to take a deep breath and stay calm.

Temper tantrums, in particular, are something no parent wants to see. Because parents do not want to see their babies rolling on the ground or kicking around. However, the approach to the child having a tantrum is very important. In such a situation, the tendency of families is to do whatever the child wants and immediately fall on them. On the contrary, it should not be forgotten that the child throwing a tantrum aims to attract attention.

It would be remarkable to sit on one side and quietly read a book the child likes or play a game he likes. The child, who is not taken care of, comes to his parent wondering what he is doing. This way, he can do what he loves to do with you and the tantrum will be over. A child having a tantrum in public should be distracted. Giving him a toy he likes or attracting his attention to things going on around him is a very effective method. Families should use the word “No” as necessary in this process.

In particular, children must firmly reject unacceptable behavior and this must be consistent. Because behavior that is ignored even once tends to be reinforced. This means negative behavior will increase. Ignoring some negative behaviors is also an effective method. The behavior stops when the child realizes that it is not interesting. There may be many children who throw food on the floor while eating. It can be said that it is wrong to do this when the behavior is first exhibited. If he continues, the most effective method is to take the food away from him. Over time, this behavior also disappears.

When Does 2 Year Old Syndrome End?

Although there is no clear answer to the question of when the 2-year-old syndrome ends, scientifically it disappears on average in the 36th month. However, this process varies depending on how the child is cared for. Parents who know how to treat their children will get through this process more quickly with their children. Because children realize more quickly which behavior is wrong and which is right.

Depending on psychological development and the behavioral situation of the family, it can be seen that the process extends until the age of 4. However, the prolongation of the process should not worry families and consistent behavior should be continued. Because 2-year-old syndrome in babies is a normal process that every child will experience. It is quite natural to be seen in a healthy individual.

Families who have difficulties with their children with two-year-old syndrome should seek help from a specialist physician without delay. Thus, they can contribute positively to the psychological development of their children.

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