What happens to the skin when losing weight?

Losing extra pounds is an aspiration of many people. When it comes to parting with a significant amount of excess mass, visible changes occur in the skin. It sags as it becomes redundant after melting away the fat it has been maintaining. Sometimes a significant muscle mass melts along with them .

To check if it is really sagging skin or if there is still fat left after significant weight loss, a simple test can be done. A part of the problem area of ​​the skin is grabbed and lightly pinched. If the trapped tissue is thicker than 0.5-1 centimeter, it is residual fat present. Otherwise, there is a problem with sagging skin .

How to prevent such an unpleasant consequence with significant weight loss?

Moderate and healthy weight loss – this means slowly losing weight without starving , but in parallel with strength training to preserve the muscles. Otherwise, the body loses both fat and muscle, and eventually the loss of muscle deprives the body of internal support.

Then the skin has no choice but to sag shapelessly. A balanced diet combined with cardio and strength training will keep the body in the same condition, but without the fat.

Attention should be paid to the necessary nutritional supplements. Omega-3 fatty acids are very necessary for the skin at this time. Can be provided through fish oil .

In order to maintain the elasticity of the skin on weight loss diets , which keeps it from sagging, some changes in the diet are needed – getting enough protein to provide the necessary elasticity, hydrating the body heavily to keep the skin taut and fresh, stopping of smoking, drying the skin.

A serious danger in losing significant mass is sagging skin , which does not respond to any attempts to retract these hanging areas. Then it is necessary to surgically remove these skin formations.

To avoid such drastic measures, it is good to carefully follow all possible steps to prevent the problem from occurring, instead of dealing with it afterwards.


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