What Are the Benefits of Potato Juice?

Potato Juice

Potatoes, which can be grown easily in almost any climate and therefore used in most of the world, are not only used in food. Thanks to its easy accessibility, the juice of the potato, which finds its place on almost every table, is also very useful in many different areas.

Potato, when used by removing the water, shows healing effects on many parts of the body, especially the skin. Potatoes, which can also be used against cancer types such as bowel cancer, have a restorative effect on different parts of the body from head to toe.

What Are the Benefits of Potato Juice?

Although about 75% of the potato consists of water, it has a very important medicinal value thanks to the antioxidants and starch it contains. In order to get the maximum benefit from its medicinal effects, the juice of the raw state should be used.

  • Potato juice is very beneficial for your muscles and joints. The answer to questions such as whether potato juice is good for the waist is hidden in this feature.
  • It has a pain relief effect by controlling the imbalances in the body.
  • The antioxidants in it ensure the removal of toxins in your organs such as kidney and liver. In addition, considering that it does not contain cholesterol, potatoes are a very healthy food that prevents premature aging. In this way, it also prevents diseases such as high blood pressure and atherosclerosis.
  • Potato juice, which balances the pH value of the body thanks to its basic feature, also regulates your blood sugar.
  • In addition to strengthening the immune system, thanks to the vitamins it contains, it helps your body to resist especially winter diseases.
  • Potato juice is also very useful when examined in terms of stomach benefits. Raw potato juice is also used to relieve acid reflux in many people in our country. Potato juice taken a spoonful after meals is very useful for you to fight reflux.
  • Potatoes, which contain plenty of starch, which makes it easier to burn calories, also help you be more energetic throughout the day.

What Are the Benefits of Potato Juice for the Skin?

  • Raw potato juice, which is applied to the skin every day with the help of cotton, gives you a youthful appearance.
  • The mask you will make around your eyes before going to bed will reduce the spots around your eyes in about 1 week.
  • Potato juice applied to the skin with the intense amount of water it contains removes the dryness of your skin and provides a moist and lively appearance. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, potato juice is also beneficial for acne. According to beauty experts, you can get rid of acne by spreading the cure consisting of a mixture of red grape vinegar, mineral water and potato juice on your face with the help of cotton.
  • You can get rid of wrinkles around the eyes, called crow’s feet, by using olive oil and potato juice together. You can feel the difference after a short time when you keep the potato juice and olive oil by throwing cotton in it and apply this cotton around your eyes.
  • Even if you suffer from sunburns in the summer, potato juice helps you. Potato juice that you apply to sunburns reduces the feeling of pain and gives you relief.

What are the Benefits of Potato Juice for Hair?

The main reason why you have problems with your hair is usually the deficiency of vitamins A, B and C. In the absence of these vitamins, your hair wears out quickly, dries out and falls out. Potatoes, on the other hand, are very useful for your hair thanks to the different vitamins they contain. Potato juice can be used for problems such as graying of hair, hair loss, loss of vitality of the hair.

  • Mix the 2 potatoes you passed through the blender with 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel and 1 tablespoon of honey. After feeding this mixture to the hair and scalp, keep your hair covered for 2 hours with the help of a cap. This potato juice cure applied twice a week treats your hair loss.
  • By using the water in which you boiled the potato once after shampooing your hair, you can prevent your hair from graying and darken your hair.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice to 2 potatoes squeezed in a juicer and apply this mixture to your scalp. After waiting for 30-40 minutes and making it regular, you will see that the dandruff has disappeared.

Does Raw Potato Juice Make You Weak?

Potatoes are seen as a weight gain food in our society. But this is all about the preference of eating the potato by frying it. Potatoes, whose calories increase by absorbing oil, of course, do not have a weight-loss feature. But among the benefits of potato juice is weight loss. Instead of threatening health with shock diets, weight can be lost by using the benefits of raw potato juice.


  • Potato juice, which stimulates the digestive system by providing better absorption of nutrients, also prevents constipation.
  • Thanks to its richness in calcium, potassium and especially fiber, it gives a feeling of satiety and ensures that you do not feel hungry quickly.
  • Especially when used on an empty stomach in the morning, it is even more effective because of its ability to accelerate fat burning.
  • If you don’t like the taste of potato juice, you don’t have to miss out on this benefit. You can balance the taste by adding a little lemon juice and use it that way.
  • If you want to lose weight with potato juice, only potato juice will not help you. Diets that combine nutrition and sports are always more beneficial. Therefore, while consuming raw potato juice, you should not neglect your regular diet and daily movements.
  • Potato juice benefits are also expressed by İbrahim Saracoğlu. He emphasizes in his writings that bowel cancer can be prevented with potato juice cure.

How to Make Potato Juice Mask?

You can create the same effect by using a potato juice mask on your face instead of chemical powders. You can start curing by peeling the skin of 1 potato. Grate the potato into a suitable bowl and separate the juice. Apply this water to your face and wait for a while to dry on your face. You can also apply the grated and pulped potatoes on your face.

You can lie down and wait, even if the potato you apply to the nose area and around the eyes does not fall off easily when it sticks to the skin. You can notice the change when you use this mask, which fights wrinkles and has anti-aging effects, regularly.

For your blackheads, you can apply a different potato juice mask. Throw 2 potatoes into the blender and make it puree. Rub the mashed potatoes on your face with slow movements. After keeping it on your face for about 10 minutes, wash your face with lukewarm water at the same slow speed and by rubbing it.

How to Extract Potato Juice?

The way the potato juice is extracted generally varies according to the intended use. You can extract the potato juice in a blender, juicer. When used for slimming purposes, a few glasses of potato juice may be needed. Therefore, the water obtained from boiled potatoes should be used by filtering. However, potato juice to be used as a cure should generally be processed in a juicer or blender.

While preparing potato juice, there are also things to consider in order to better use its benefits. Purifying the potato from the buds and black spots on the potato, which may have a harmful effect, provides a more effective use. In addition, whether you use it as a mask or consume it as a liquid, you should pay attention to the fact that the potatoes you buy are ripe. Additional healthy foods such as aloe vera, celery juice and lemon can be used with potato juice for different uses.

In order to benefit from every food that nature has given you, you need to have information about it. Potato, which can be used by everyone with its cheapness and easy availability, is one of them. Now you can look at the potato with a different eye, which you have learned about its different uses.

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