What Are the Benefits of Cherry Stalk Tea?

Cherry Stalk Tea

Healthy Cherry Stalk Tea and Usage Suggestions

Cherry , one of the most loved fruits of the summer season, is a fruit rich in nutritional value with its potassium, vitamin A and fiber content. The stems of the cherry, which has a diuretic effect, can also be dried and consumed as tea. 12-13 cherries count as 1 serving, and 1 serving of cherries is only 63 calories.

Cherry, which is at the top of the diet lists with its low calorie content and high fiber value, also draws attention with its high antioxidant content. Cherry, which is one of the indispensable fruits of summer tables, has miraculous effects after being consumed fresh. Do not consider cherry stalks as garbage!

You can brew your tea by drying the cherry stems or you can take advantage of its antioxidant properties by sifting it into herbal teas. Cherry stalk tea is a special tea recommended by İbrahim Saracoğlu. Saraçoğlu states that cherry stem tea has an effective role in the treatment of rheumatic pain.

Cherry stalk tea is a tea that can be taken in addition to drinking it.

Cherry bath has a therapeutic function for swelling on the face, eyes and feet in the body. When the areas with swelling are washed with the cherry stem juice obtained as a result of mixing 5 tablespoons of cherry stem with approximately 3.5 liters of boiled water, the swelling disappears in a short time. The effectiveness of the bath can be increased by adding cinnamon to the cherry stem bath. With this bath, the breathing of skin cells becomes easier and swelling can be treated.

What Are the Benefits of Cherry Stalk Tea?

  • Cherry stalk tea helps to clean the kidneys and blood by facilitating the elimination of toxic substances from the body with its antioxidant feature.
  • Cherry stalk tea, which has diuretic properties, provides edema.
  • Preventing urinary tract infections is among the benefits of cherry stem tea.
  • With its high antioxidant content, it supports the body’s immune system and increases its resistance against diseases.
  • It plays an active role in reducing kidney stones and sand.
  • It has the effect of accelerating the metabolism and provides a feeling of satiety for a long time.
  • Cherry stalk tea, which accelerates bowel movements, has a preventive effect on constipation problems and bloating.
  • Cherry stem tea, which has a high potassium content, plays an important role in regulating the body’s fluid and electrolyte balance.
  • It is an anti-inflammatory in joint inflammations and rheumatic inflammations and is also effective in providing the body’s sleep pattern.

What Is Cherry Stalk Tea Good For?

  • What is the use of cherry stalk tea, which has been on the agenda recentlyCherry stalk tea is good for problems in urination, circulatory disorders, increased edema during menstruation, prostate enlargement.
  • What is cherry stalk tea good for, which contains high amounts of K, A, C, E vitamins and minerals such as potassium and magnesiumCherry stalk tea, which helps the liver, which is a storehouse of toxic substances, to fully perform its functions, makes it easier to overcome the problems experienced during the menstrual period with its diuretic feature.
  • Cherry stalk tea, which is drunk a few days before the menstrual period, is also effective in eliminating swelling and edema in the body.
  • Cherry stalk tea, which accelerates blood circulation, is good for high cholesterol in the blood.
  • Cherry stalk tea, which stands out with its calming effect, is especially good for symptoms in menopausal women.

Does Cherry Stalk Tea Weakness?

  • Cherry stalk tea, which has antioxidant vitamins and minerals in its content and has an effect on accelerating metabolism, is a type of tea that is frequently used in weight loss applications.
  • Drinking cherry stem tea before meals prevents appetite and prevents more food consumption. In addition, the cherry stem tea diet, which creates a feeling of satiety for a long time, makes it easier to apply.
  • Consumption of cherry stalk tea, which can prevent the digestion of fats taken with meals from the intestines, supports weight loss diets by providing weight control.
  • Cherry stalk tea, which helps to remove toxins accumulated around fat cells from the body, accelerates fat burning.
  • You can have a healthy day and accelerate weight loss with cherry stalk tea, which is recommended to be drunk especially as soon as you get up in the morning, as it gives the body extra vitality and vitality.
  • You can drink cherry stem tea to get rid of excess weight in summer days.
  • If you do not want to consume hot; Brew cherry stem tea 15 minutes before and wait for it to cool. Then add ice cubes to the tea and enjoy it in the scorching summer heat.

How to Make Cherry Stalk Tea?

  • Separate the stems of the cherries you eat with great pleasure into a bowl and wash them thoroughly with plenty of water.
  • Leave the washed cherry stalks to dry in the shade on a clean cloth for a few days.
  • It is important to thoroughly dry the cherry stems. Stems that remain damp quickly mold. You can store the dried cherry stalks in a dark glass jar in a dry environment.
  • Cherry stalk tea is very easy to prepare. Only 1 tablespoon of dried cherry stem is sufficient for a large glass of cherry stem tea. Boil 1 glass of water in a saucepan or kettle.
  • Add the boiled water on 1 tablespoon of dried cherry stalk and let it brew for 5-10 minutes.
  • Boiling cherry stalks in water causes the destruction of beneficial antioxidants. It is important that you do not make the brewing time too long.
  • Cherry stalks that are infused for a long time become bitter.
  • So, is cherry stem tea drunk on an empty stomach? Cherry stalk tea is consumed on an empty stomach in the morning and evening.

When to Drink Cherry Stalk Tea?

  • Cherry stalk tea is easily used when you feel weak, when you have bloating and gas problems, in cases such as urinary tract infections and when you have weight problems.
  • One of the most frequently asked questions about cherry stem tea is how to use cherry stem tea? is the question.
  • Cherry stalk tea gives a more effective result when drunk on an empty stomach. However, if there is a stomach problem, it can also be drunk after a meal.
  • It is more suitable to be consumed before meals on an empty stomach as it facilitates digestion.
  • Cherry stalk tea provides maximum benefit when consumed regularly at 10 am, 15 at noon and 21 at night.

How Long Should Cherry Stalk Tea Be Drink?

  • As with all herbal products, long-term and excessive consumption of cherry stem tea is not recommended.
  • So, how many days should cherry stem tea be drunk? Cherry stalk tea, which is recommended to be drunk for a maximum of 14 days, may cause health problems when used for longer than recommended.
  • Excessive consumption of cherry stem tea can cause dehydration by accelerating the excretion of water from the body.
  • Disruption of the body’s fluid and electrolyte balance can cause damage to the digestive system and circulatory system, especially the kidneys.
  • Long-term consumption may increase bleeding, especially due to its blood-thinning effect.
  • Cherry stalk tea, which has almost no side effects when consumed in certain doses and times, is among the tea varieties that should be consumed carefully, especially by those with chronic diseases.
  • You can wait 1 day while drinking cherry stem tea and drink it the next day. If you do not like to drink cherry stalk often; You can brew cherry stem tea for yourself on certain days of the week.
  • It is not recommended to drink cherry stem tea for too long. Take a break while drinking cherry stem tea so that herbal teas do not tire your body.

Who Cannot Drink Cherry Stalk Tea?

  • It is an important detail to drink cherry stem tea considering the benefits and harms.
  • It is recommended that those who have diabetes, kidney disease, cardiovascular diseases, and blood pressure problems should consult a doctor while consuming cherry stem tea.
  • Especially those with low blood pressure are not recommended to consume cherry stem tea.
  • Tea, which has a blood pressure lowering effect, can cause significant problems in those with low blood pressure.
  • In addition, long-term drug users and those who use blood thinners should consult their doctor before consuming cherry stem tea.
  • So, can pregnant women drink cherry stem tea? Cherry stalk tea, which has a blood thinning effect, can increase bleeding during pregnancy and cause miscarriage.
  • It is not recommended for pregnant mothers and nursing mothers to consume cherry stem tea.

In Which Situations Is Cherry Stalk Tea Consumed?

  • If you have been fed outside of your daily diet and your stomach has been very heavy; You can drink cherry stem tea 20 minutes after a meal.
  • If you want to get rid of edema in a short time; You can consume cherry stem tea regularly during the day.
  • If you can’t sleep because of stomach aches, you can relax your stomach by drinking cherry stalk.
  • If you feel headache and fatigue; You can feel better by brewing cherry stem tea.
  • One of the situations in which cherry stem tea is consumed is the menstrual period. It helps the menstrual week pass more peacefully.
  • If you have a wound on your body; It is recommended to drink cherry stem tea. It is consumed for cell regeneration.

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